Pi Network User Loses Faith After 4 Years, Says “I Give Up”

Pioneers are actively criticizing the project but there are some who are optimistic.
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The conclusion of Pi2 Day left Pi Network users dissatisfied as the release of Open Mainnet remained uncertain, casting doubts on the network’s credibility. Pi Network had gained recognition as a formidable player in the cryptocurrency realm, primarily due to its thriving community. However, the main question remains: Are Pi Network Users losing Faith?

This very question sparked a heated debate when a disappointed user took to the Reddit forum, expressing his frustration with the project after four long years.

The user stated that he has lost his faith after investing considerable time in the Pi Network. In response, numerous users quoted this ungrateful statement and shared their own sentiments on it.

Pi Network users are expressing disappointment

Being an early initiator in the Web 3 landscape, the Pi Network has positioned itself as a highly convenient crypto-mining platform. However, the project has faced setbacks in launching its anticipated “open mainnet“, leading to disappointment among its user base and community members.

Recently, an active Reddit forum emerged within the Pi Network community, providing a platform for a user to voice their profound disappointment regarding the delay in the release of the “open mainnet”.

Open Mainnet is a crucial stage in the Pi Network’s development and would grant users the ability to engage fully within the Pi ecosystem, including activities such as buying, selling, and exchanging Pi coins.

The user’s statement has triggered a multitude of responses, comprising both negative and positive sentiments. A significant portion of users expressed their loss of faith in the project, citing their years of involvement and the absence of any signs of the “open mainnet” launch.

Conversely, there are a considerable number of users who remain optimistic, asserting that value can only be established over time through the provision of services and subsequent demand for the coin. These individuals are willing to patiently await the eventual launch of the final Open Mainnet.

Within the Pi Network community, this specific Reddit post represents solely a fraction of the numerous posts shared by community members, including a wide range of sentiments, both positive and negative, towards the Pi Network.

Final Thoughts

The Pi Network initiative, now in its fifth year, is still in the Enclosed Mainnet stage. It has encountered major challenges, primarily KYC problems, which are delaying the launch of its eagerly anticipated Open Mainnet. As a result, a lot of users are currently criticizing the project.

The expression of deep disappointment by one user on a Reddit forum resonated with many others who have become weary after years of involvement in the project.

Despite the fact that a substantial portion of people have lost hope in the project, there are other positive users who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the open mainnet. It is crucial to recognize that while the Pi Network works tirelessly to improve the ecosystem every day, project success cannot be ensured.

Currently, the network is operating in an Enclosed Mainnet, a phase designed to establish a robust ecosystem infrastructure and utilities in a controlled environment. The firm is now in the final stages of launching the Open Mainnet, although the exact release date remains uncertain.

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Therefore, it is advised to exercise patience, considering the progress the firm has made thus far and its proximity to completing a fully functional and active ecosystem.

The Pi Network’s ability to address these concerns and rebuild the trust of its user base will be crucial for its future success. The project must deliver on its promises of functionality and provide opportunities for its dedicated community. Only time will tell how the Pi Network navigates these challenges and shapes its path forward.

It is worth noting that the above case is just one of the many opinions about the Pi Network circulating around the web. The sole purpose of this story was to make individuals aware of the latest trend in the Pi Community after recent events like Pi2 Day.

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Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer’s opinion.

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