Good News: Pi Network KYC Verification Gets Major Updates

Exciting! Pi Network pushes major updates to resolve KYC issues.
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As shared by r/PiNetwork↗, a well-known X (Twitter) user in the Pi Network community, the most concerning issues with the Pi Network KYC verification have received major positive updates.

Technical bugs such as failure during liveness check, machine detection faults, image attraction, etc., have been addressed, unblocking Pioneers who were stuck in the KYC process for a long time.

As per the X (Twitter) post, the Pi Core Team (PCT) had been running a series of scripts to unblock Pioneers who were stuck in the KYC application process due to the said bugs.

The Core Team asks Pioneers who were blocked due to the mentioned technical issues to try applying again.

Apply again, it may work now

On the Pi Network, KYC verification is likely the most important stage. Although it is a time-consuming process, Pioneers who are KYC-verified have more privileges within the Pi Network ecosystem than those who are not.

KYCed profile allows you to migrate your Pi Coins to the Mainnet, further allowing you to transact using native digital currencies, the Pi Coins.

The majority of Pioneers (Pi miners) were facing issues with the KYC application process for more than a year. Finally, after a long wait, the developers have come up with solutions. So, affected Pioneers should begin their KYC application process again and hope for a positive result this time.

If your KYC application is passed, you will get an update about it on the Pi Network app. Additionally, you may be invited to become a KYC validator to contribute to verifying others’ KYC and earn some extra Pi Coins.

Having said that, Pioneers have previously expressed their dissatisfaction with the Pi Network team for their updates not working as claimed.

Community’s reactions to this news

The following are some of the reactions to the same news posted by Jatin Gupta, another active Senior Pioneer:

One says

Let’s see if it’s really going to work, many times pioneers have been told that CT will fix the problems but nothing works as expected.

@Edycabas (on X/Twitter)

Another user says,

This is finally good news that the Pi community has been eagerly waiting for. I feel like the open mainnet is just around the corner. @nkokkalis, please surprise us quickly [laughing emoji].

@PiNewsGlobal (on X/Twitter)

From the reactions, it is clear that many Pioneers still do not completely believe that the updates will work due to their bad past experiences.

Nevertheless, they are happy to see efforts being put in by the Core Team (CT) to drive the revolutionary Pi Network project while handling such a gigantic user base of 50 million active users.

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Sources: @PiNetworkUpdate↗, @jatingupta0003↗ (on X/Twitter)

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