Wormhole Airdrop Guide: Launch, Steps Required, and More

The Wormhole airdrop buzz justifies its potential.
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Key takeaways

  • Wormhole serves as a decentralized cross-chain communication protocol, linking multiple blockchains within the Web 3 space.
  • The firm secured $225 million in funding at a $2.5 billion valuation, supported by notable investors such as Brevan Howard, Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and others, showing the firm’s substantial backing.
  • To potentially qualify for an airdrop, engage with bridging protocols integrated with wormhole technology.

What is Wormhole?

Wormhole is a fully decentralized cross-chain communication protocol that serves as a bridge, connecting multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, and others, facilitating the seamless transfer of digital assets between these networks.

The platform has evolved into a framework for new initiatives, allowing for secure and scalable expansion of user bases, growth in market share, and the stimulation of increased on-chain activity within the Web 3 domain.

Possibility of Wormhole Airdrop Launch

Wormhole’s comeback after a significant loss of $321 million via a security hack within its ecosystem has fueled considerable discussion within the community. There’s a growing anticipation that this project might outperform LayerZero and establish itself as the ideal cross-chain communication protocol on the market.

Recently, Wormhole regained its position and achieved a significant milestone by securing $225 million in funding at a $2.5 billion valuation, backed by notable investors such as Brevan Howard, Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Jump Trading, ParaFi, and others.

Just speculation: If we were to assess the probability of a Wormhole airdrop, we would rate it at 76%.

Despite this, community speculation regarding a possible Wormhole airdrop remains unconfirmed; it is normal for community speculation to occur when a project gets big donations from well-known backers, but official confirmation is still expected.

Steps to qualify for the potential Wormhole Airdrop

The crypto space is experiencing a substantial surge in the interoperability narrative. Seizing an advantageous position ahead of the potential Wormhole airdrop, following Layerzero’s airdrop, could result in massive rewards.

To aid in this, we’ve curated engagement steps with the key protocols utilizing wormhole technology, all listed within the Wormhole Ecosystem. These steps are designed to help you position yourself effectively for the upcoming Wormhole airdrop.

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps for this airdrop:

  1. Complete Zealy Tasks
  2. Use Portal bridge
  3. Use other bridges that integrate Wormhole
  4. Swap using Rango & Raydium
  5. Bridge an NFT via Merkly
  6. Join the Wormhole Discord Server

Continue reading for a detailed explanation of these steps.

Note: While we’ve highlighted the key projects using wormhole technology, engaging with additional projects built on this technology might further enhance your positioning. Check out the Wormhole Ecosystem to engage with more projects.

1) Complete Zealy Tasks

Zealy task - Wormhole Airdrop step
Zealy.io | Screenshot via https://zealy.io/c/wormhole

Zealy is a Web3-based educational platform where various protocols engage with their users and adopters through participation in diverse tasks and quests.

Upon completion of these tasks and quests, you’ll earn rewards in the form of XP points. These points contribute to your standing and increase your likelihood of qualifying for an airdrop.

Visit [https://zealy.io/c/wormhole], and if you haven’t already, create a new account. Navigate to the quest section and complete some basic tasks. Upon finishing these tasks, you’ll move on to the Q&A section.

Note: If you know the answers for the Q&A section, you can proceed independently. However, if you need assistance, here are the answers: A, D, C, A, C, C, B, B, D, D.

2) Use the Portal bridge

Portal is a bridge constructed on top of Wormhole, enabling cross-chain token transfers, allowing assets from one chain to move seamlessly to another.

To begin using Portal, visit [https://portalbridge.com/], connect your wallet on both ends, select two different networks, choose the assets for the bridging process, and proceed with the transfer.

3) Use other bridges that integrate Wormhole

Several decentralized exchanges have incorporated wormhole technology to facilitate cross-chain asset movement. Among these, Allbridge Core and Carrier are key platforms to engage with.

  • Allbridge Core: https://core.allbridge.io/
  • Carrier: https://www.carrier.so/

To do the bridging process on the respective protocols, you may do the following steps:

  1. Visit the respective websites.
  2. As you bridge funds from two different chains, connect your wallet on both the sending and receiving ends of the platform.
  3. Select any two different networks and choose assets for the bridging process.
  4. Finally, approve the transactions.

4) Swap using Rango & Raydium

Many decentralized exchanges have adopted Wormhole technology, enabling asset swapping across various blockchains. Among these, Rango and Raydum stand out prominently, making it crucial to engage with them.

Rango Exchange

Rango Exchange is a multi-chain platform for decentralized exchange, offering a protocol that facilitates cross-chain and on-chain swapping of digital assets.

To use Rango Exchange, visit the platform [https://app.rango.exchange/], connect your wallet, navigate to the Swap section, and proceed to swap any token across various chains.


Raydium is a protocol developed on the Solana blockchain, designed to enable cross-chain and on-chain swapping of digital assets.

To use Raydium, visit the platform [https://raydium.io/], connect your wallet, navigate to the swap section, and proceed to swap any token across various chains.

5) Bridge an NFT via Merkly

Merkly operates as an NFT bridge utilizing Layerzero technology, enabling seamless interaction across multiple chains.

Responding to the surging popularity of wormhole technology, Merkly recently established a partnership with Wormhole. This collaboration streamlines access to a cross-chain bridge on the platform through wormhole technology.

Emerging as one of the most popular asset-bridging platforms, engaging with Merkly through Wormhole is crucial.

To utilize the Merkly platform, follow these steps:

  1. Visit [https://minter.merkly.com].
  2. Access the Wormhole section and link your wallet to the platform.
  3. Choose both a base chain and a destination chain. With a variety of chains available, consider opting for a less expensive chain instead of ETH.
  4. After selecting your preferred chain, mint the NFT and proceed to bridge it.

6) Join the Wormhole Discord Server

Many startup protocols utilize Discord servers for community members to exchange updates and engage in healthy discussions about the ecosystem.

Wormhole, too, maintains a dedicated Discord server for its members. Being a part of this server will ensure you’re updated on the latest news and potentially offer an advantage if a token airdrop tends to happen.

You may join the official Wormhole Discord server via this link.

Tips on Managing Risks During Airdrop Participation:

  • Use Separate Wallets: In the realm of airdrop activities, the risk of encountering scams is high. Reduce potential security threats to your primary holdings by using a dedicated wallet solely for airdrops.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Strengthen the security of your cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges by activating 2FA. This additional layer of protection helps prevent unauthorized access.
  • Exercise Caution When Visiting Websites: Phishing scams mimicking official airdrop announcements or websites are prevalent. Prioritize verifying the authenticity of links and websites before sharing any personal information.
  • Stay Informed and Updated: Stay updated on the latest news, announcements, and discussions concerning the airdrops you’re involved in. This ensures you’re well-informed about potential risks or any alterations related to the airdrop process.

Bottom Line

The certainty of a Wormhole airdrop remains uncertain. However, if it occurs, it’s anticipated to be highly rewarding, as the number of participants farming this airdrop is relatively low compared to other interoperability competitors like Layerzero.

Initiating farming activities now can place you in a favorable position for a potentially substantial airdrop opportunity. Given Wormhole’s primary function of bridging assets between chains, actively participating in the bridging process as frequently as possible is advisable to increase your chances for a potential airdrop.

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FAQs on Wormhole Airdrop

1) How much is the Wormhole airdrop worth?

Determining the value of the Wormhole airdrop remains subjective in the absence of any official indications from the firm. However, community speculation suggests a potential airdrop value ranging between $5,000 and $10,000.

2) Is Wormhole launching its own token?

Rumors are prevalent over the $HOLE token following an alleged private sale, yet there is no official announcement regarding its public release so far. However, given the recent $225 million in funding, there’s a high likelihood of tokenization occurring next year.

3) When is the Wormhole airdrop expected to occur?

Considering the growth of the Wormhole ecosystem following the funding round supported by prominent investors, the firm may consider an airdrop in early 2024 or mid-2024.

4) Does it require an initial investment?

The initial investment depends on your farming budget for this airdrop. Although there’s no requirement for direct initial investment, a small cost for transaction fees will be incurred.

Disclaimer: This content piece is entirely based on the author’s opinion. It does not provide financial advice and individuals should conduct their own research before making any financial decision.

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