LayerZero Airdrop (2024): Launch, Eligibility, Steps to Claim?

The LayerZero airdrop, worth many bucks, is likely to be up for grabs this year.
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Key takeaways

  • Layerzero is a pioneering solution for trustless omni-chain interoperability, encouraging cross-chain activity.
  • The firm’s substantial funding from major investors like PayPal and OpenSea fuels speculation about a potential native token launch via airdrop.
  • To increase your chances of receiving this airdrop, you must interact with as many Layerzero protocols as possible.

What is LayerZero?

The Layerzero protocol is a pioneering solution for trustless omni-chain interoperability. It provides a fundamentally strong and efficient communication infrastructure that enables the development of a wide range of cross-chain applications.

It boasts of providing a secure method for bridging and swapping assets across various chains. Instead of relying on an intermediate chain or smart contract, it employs relayers and oracles to facilitate swaps.

Possibility of LayerZero Airdrop Launch

The possibility of launching the Layerzero airdrop depends on the firm’s decisions and actions. As of the present moment, the official confirmation of the LayerZero ($ZRO) airdrop remains unknown.

However, the team has secured a substantial amount of capital through total funding, with a valuation of billions of dollars. Notable brands such as PayPal, Andreessen Horowitz, OpenSea, and 30 other well-known investors are among the backers.

As a result, there is a lot of speculation in the community that the LayerZero team may launch its native token and offer an airdrop to its early adopters as an expression of appreciation.

Just speculation: If we were to assess the likelihood of the LayerZero airdrop launch, our estimation would stand at 88%.

However, similar to many airdrops, specific details such as the timeframe, eligibility criteria, and distribution remain speculative since there is no official confirmation from the Layerzero team.

Steps to qualify for the potential LayerZero Airdrop

The LayerZero ecosystem has consistently expanded and evolved. Active participation in platforms integrating LayerZero technology is crucial. As commonly observed, airdrops frequently reward users who are highly engaged with the ecosystem.

Therefore, we’ve prepared the following steps, outlining the primary platforms that integrate LayerZero technology.

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps that you can embrace to make sure that you’re prepared for this airdrop:

  1. Stake $STG token
  2. Vote on Stargate finance protocol
  3. Use Stargate bridge
  4. Use Cross-chain swap on sushi
  5. Use the USDC LayerZero Bridge
  6. Use liquid swap bridge
  7. Join the LayerZero Discord Server

Why these steps? – LayerZero would want to reward those who are active in using their platforms. The more involved in the community you are, the higher the chances of winning an airdrop will be.

Continue reading for a detailed explanation of each step.

Note: You will need to have a MetaMask wallet with some ETH to interact with different LayerZero protocols.

1) Stake the $STG token in your wallet

To begin, you will need to acquire $STG, which is the governance token for StarGate finance.

To save on gas fees, it’s better to buy $STG on a decentralized exchange with a low-cost network like BSC or Arbitrum rather than Ethereum.

After you buy the $STG token, head over to and connect your MetaMask wallet on the site to stake your recently bought tokens.

On the stake panel, choose the amount you prefer and set the stake duration to 1 month. After that, proceed to complete the setup.

Here’s a screenshot that will guide you through the staking process:

2) Vote on Stargate finance protocol

After you have staked the $STG token, you will be eligible to vote on the Stargate DAO proposal snapshot.

Proceed to the snapshot proposal and select any active proposal that interests you. Take the time to read, and then cast your vote.

Note: You don’t have to be specific, you just have to participate in voting.

3) Use the Stargate bridge

The Stargate Bridge is an official bridge by LayerZero. To use it, visit the Stargate Finance website and click on the “Transfer” option from the menu.

From there, you can transfer any token between any two chains. It’s recommended to transfer from Ethereum to Arbitrum to minimize gas fees.

Here’s a screenshot that will guide you through the bridging process:

4) Use Cross-chain swap on Sushi x

Sushi Swap is a cross-chain platform that uses LayerZero technology to allow you to swap tokens between multiple chains.

To get started, visit ““, select the chains you want to use for token swapping and proceed with it.

Here’s a screenshot that will guide you through the swapping process:

5) Use the USDC LayerZero Bridge

Circle USDC, the issuer of the stablecoin, has created a cross-chain demo app featuring their native bridge on top of Layer Zero. This bridge is built within the USDC stablecoin, which means that once USDC is available on all chains, third-party bridges won’t be necessary.

Note: USDC BRIDGE by LayerZero is currently on testnet. The officials have depreciated the USDC demo until the mainnet launch. As a result, you may only request some testnet USCD and testnet Ethereum after the mainnet launch.

If USDC demo is available, connect your wallet to the site and click on Faucet USDC or Faucet ETH to request free testnet tokens. Once you’ve obtained the testnet tokens, proceed with the bridging process.

Note: The Faucet USDC and Faucet ETH options are just below the connect button.

Here’s a screenshot of the process:

6) Use liquid swap bridge

To use a liquid swap bridge, you will need to set up the Pontem wallet for Aptos.

To do so, head over to “Liquidswap Bridge by LayerZero & Pontem” and connect your Pontem wallet and Metamask wallet to the site.

Once you’re prepared, you go through the following steps to perform the swap:

Note: It is recommended to bridge WETH between Arbitrum and Aptos since this will save you time and transaction fees.

  1. Head over to the bridges section and connect the wallets for both networks.
  2. Choose the token where you wish to be bridged and received.
  3. Enter the amount of the token.
  4. Click on ‘Transfer’ to send your coins to the bridge.
  5. After a while, return to both LiquidSwap and TheAptosBridge and use the ‘Claim’ feature to collect your bridged tokens.

Here’s a screenshot of the process:

7) Join the LayerZero Discord Server

Most of the new crypto initiatives put community engagement first and foremost. Joining LayerZero’s Discord server not only keeps you up to date on the newest protocol changes but also gives you an edge over the token airdrop.

So it is very important for you to be one of the members who have high engagement in the ecosystem.

You may join the official Layerzero Discord server via this link.

Tips to maximize your chance to win the airdrop

  1. Enlist Multiple Wallets: Use multiple wallets to maximize airdrop returns. To avoid any potential problems, keep these wallets separate on-chain, use a VPN for IP anonymity, and avoid IP-based identifying techniques.
  2. Maintain Consistent Transactions: Just completing one transaction and ending the association could negatively impact your status, as many projects value users who are actively involved. Thus, it is essential to continue participating consistently in the ecosystem.
  3. Prioritize Participation in the Community: Participate in the community by following reputable crypto news websites, social media accounts, and online communities to remain up-to-date on planned airdrops.
  4. Diversify Your Airdrop Participation: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your participation across a variety of airdrops to increase your chances of receiving potential rewards.

You may be interested to check out the top upcoming airdrops.

Bottom Line

In the realm of crypto, the LayerZero team is leading the charge in reshaping interoperability through an innovative approach. Undoubtedly, the project is expanding rapidly, attracting protocols like Radiant Capital, Stargate, Hashflow, and numerous others that are leveraging LayerZero technology.

As its ecosystem continues to expand and evolve, there is a chance that LayerZero might initiate a token airdrop, giving early adopters the opportunity to obtain their native token and enjoy its rewards.

Participating in the aforementioned steps allows you to contribute to innovative technologies while possibly receiving free $ZRO tokens as a reward. These tokens have the potential for large future returns.

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FAQs about the LayerZero Airdrop

1) How much is the LayerZero Airdrop worth?

The worth of the LayerZero airdrop is estimated to range from $10,000 to $20,000, looking at the firm’s valuation and partnerships. However, it is important to note that it is just speculation from the community.

2) Is LayerZero launching its own token?

LayerZero launched an ‘STG’ token for the Stargate Finance bridge, but the awaited primary token for cross-stream infrastructure is still pending, driving hopes for its release, possibly via an airdrop.

3) When is the LayerZero airdrop expected to occur?

LayerZero’s $ZRO airdrop can be expected in early 2024 or mid-2024, due to assumptions sparked by the firm’s recent acquisition of an SSL certificate. In other protocols, such as Arbitrum, this pattern has been noticed before important announcements, such as airdrops.

4) Does it require an initial investment?

No, there is no need for a direct initial investment to take part in the airdrop. However, for on-chain transactions, a small amount of ETH might be necessary, costing minimal fees.

Disclaimer: This content piece is entirely based on the author’s opinion. It does not provide financial advice and individuals should conduct their own research before making any investment.

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