MetaMask Airdrop (2023): Steps to Get Free $MASK Tokens

The MetaMask airdrop will bring golden opportunity to accumulate MASK tokens.
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Developed by ConsenSys, MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that made its way to the crypto world in 2016. It is one of the most popular applications for accessing decentralized applications, websites, and other decentralized protocols built on cryptocurrency blockchains.

Airdropping tokens is a common way for firms in the crypto realm to give back to their loyal users. MetaMask being a widely used crypto wallet, has a high possibility of airdropping tokens as the wallet is yet to launch its token.

To take maximum advantage of the potential airdrop, users must start interacting with the key features offered on the platform as soon as possible.

To make your journey easier, this article will direct you to the best places to put yourself in order to qualify for a potential MetaMask airdrop.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a crypto-wallet that makes interaction with the blockchain much easier with an automated interface for the user on the Ethereum blockchain.

The crypto wallet is a personal key enabling users to interact with the cryptographic world as a gateway to every decentralized system like NFTs, DeFi ecosystem, and ERC-20 tokens.

MetaMask airdrop
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It is specifically used for buying, receiving, accepting, sending, and swapping ETH & NFTS while connecting thousands of dApps on the Web 3.0 space.

Currently, MetaMask is available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft Edge as a browser extension and a mobile application for IOS and Android devices.

Is MetaMask launching its own token?

Since ConsenSys owns MetaMask, which has been around in the cryptocurrency community for some time, the CEO of ConsenSys, Joseph Lubin, has dropped numerous hints in the media about the launch of the MetaMask token.

ConsenSys recently launched its MetaMask Grants DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which creates more possibility for MetaMask token to be launched as every DAO has its own governance token.

As MetaMask is seen as vigorously active in decentralization, which may lead to community-driven protocol, and one of the best ways is done by airdropping tokens for their exclusive platform users.

When is the MetaMask token expected to be released?

The launch of the MetaMask token has piqued the interest of crypto experts and consenSys CEO Joseph Lubin, who has also tweeted about the token’s ongoing development.

However, the officials have not announced the date for the token launch yet. That said, it is expected to occur in 2023. We will update this article as soon as more information is available.

How can you qualify for the potential MetaMask Airdrop tokens?

The MetaMask wallet is one of the most popular and most used crypto wallets and its airdrop has been a hot topic in the crypto community.

Until now, MetaMask has over 30 million wallet users so if there was an airdrop they wouldn’t airdrop tokens to everyone rather it would be more exclusive and lucrative.

The following are the steps that you can embrace to maximize your chances of getting into the potential MetaMask airdrop token.

Note: It is adequate if you don’t use your main wallet with valuables and create a new burner wallet funded with Ethereum to initialize these steps. A new wallet can prevent you from getting into unknown scams to avoid huge losses.

1) Adding different chains

Firstly, go to and connect your MetaMask wallet to the site.

Step 1 to become eligible for potential Metamask airdrop (ChainList)
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Add popular chains like Polygon Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain into your MetaMask wallet. Connect at least three chains to your MetaMask wallet.

Step 2 to become eligible for potential Metamask airdrop (ChainList)
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2) Use the MetaMask Swap

We can start it off by doing a simple swap where MetaMask has provided a built-in swap feature where users can swap different coins.

Users are recommended to use the swap function using ERC-20 tokens with the Ethereum mainnet chain to maximize the chances.

Using MetaMask swap for MASK airdrop
Image via consenSys/YouTube

3) Use the MetaMask Bridge

MetaMask Bridge is a built-in tool for users that allows interaction with the Ethereum blockchain and decentralized application directly from their web interface without any centralized exchange.

It can bridge the user’s crypto wallet to other blockchains like Polygon, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Using MetaMask bridge for MASK airdrop
Image via consenSysMedia/YouTube

You can select between (Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Chain), then bridge over either ETH, USDC, MATIC, or USDT tokens.

Users are advised to do numerous transactions to maximize their chances of winning the potential $MASK airdrop.

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4) Stake ETH via MetaMask

Utilizing the liquid staking functionalities of Lido and Rocketpool, users have the option to stake ETH, with both platforms presently in their Beta stages.

To do so, go to the “Stake” segment within the MetaMask Portfolio. Within this section, you can opt for a staking provider of your choice and input the desired amount of ETH for staking purposes.

Subsequently, you will gain access to projections for both monthly and annual staking rewards. After evaluating the available plans, simply select the one that aligns with your preferences. To proceed, click the “Review and Confirm” button to finalize the transaction.

Staking ETH via MetaMask for MASK airdrop
Image via Boxmining/YouTube


As of writing, the airdrops status is not confirmed officially but MetaMask being the most used crypto wallet has a high chance of releasing its own token ($MASK) and as a result an airdrop to promote the new tokens.

The best way of having the best position of receiving an airdrop of tokens is by getting involved in their system and using the best out of it.

Airdrops are given to people who are early adopters of a particular chain’s ecosystem, and for MetaMask, the main features that must be used in order to be eligible for the airdrop are their swap and bridge.

As we know, an airdrop launch has little to no risk, and this can be a great way to make some spare money in the crypto market.

However, users must exercise enough caution when participating in an airdrop. You should only use official links because there are numerous scams and hidden requirements.

Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the opinion of the author. Readers should not perceive this article as financial advice.

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