Crypto Market Cap & Price Calculator [All-in-one]

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Crypto Market Cap Calculator
Also calculate Current Price & Supply

Market Cap

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About this tool

Our crypto market cap calculator tool is an all-in-one tool that also allows you to perform the following tasks:

  1. Calculate the market cap of a token
  2. Calculate the current price of a token
  3. Calculate the circulating supply of a token

Crypto Market Cap Calculator Definitions

It is essential that you comprehend the terms employed in the tool to ensure that the data you enter into it is appropriate and that the outcomes you get are appropriate. Here is a brief explanation of the terms;

1) Crypto Market Cap

Market cap, which stands for Market Capitalization, is the overall market capitalization of a specific asset. If we say Crypto Market Cap, it means the total market capitalization of the particular cryptocurrency, usually referred to as a token.

For example, the Market cap of BTC at a particular time was $531,442,572,514. Indeed, this is the value of all Bitcoins present in the market at that time.

2) Current price

The current price refers to the current price of one unit of a token (crypto coin). For example, at a particular time, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) was $27,435.34 per BTC. So, you should enter this value in the tool.

3) Circulating supply (Current supply)

The current supply is the total number of tokens circulating in the market. For example, the circulating supply of BTC as of writing is 19,373,825 BTC.

Guide to use this tool

Our fantastic crypto market cap and crypto price calculator tool is a dynamic tool that generates output instantly as you input values in the input fields. All you have to do is select the type of calculator you want from the dropdown, put appropriate data, and see the result instantly.

To calculate Crypto Market Cap

To calculate crypto market cap using this tool, keep “Market Cap Calculator” selected in the dropdown. Then enter the current price and current supply (circulating supply) of the crypto in the first and second input fields, respectively, as indicated.

As soon as you change the values of both fields, you will see the Market Cap of the crypto automatically calculated.

Let’s Try:

If the current price of an altcoin is $5 per token and its circulating supply is 450,000,000 tokens, then you will get a market cap of $2,250,000,000.

To calculate Crypto Price by Market Cap

To switch from the Crypto Market Cap calculator mode to Crypto Price Calculator mode, select the appropriate option from the dropdown.

The current price of a digital currency can be calculated by knowing its current market cap and circulating supply.

If you have these two values in hand and want to find the price of the crypto, put the respective values in the input fields and see the calculated results.

Let’s Try:

If the market cap of a cryptocurrency is $576,909,909 and its circulating supply in the market is 15 billion, its current price must be $0.03846 per token.

To calculate Crypto Circulating Supply

Choose the appropriate option from the dropdown first to switch from the Crypto Market Cap Calculator mode to the Crypto Circulating Supply mode.

Now, you need two values in hand to calculate the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency. They are the market cap and the current price of the token.

Let’s Try:

If a digital currency has a market cap of $10 billion and its current price is $0.56 per token, then there must be a total of ~ 17,857,142,857 tokens in the market.

How are Crypto Market Cap, Price, and Circulating Supply calculated?

Below is the formula used to calculate these values if you’re curious.

  1. For market cap; Market cap = Current price * Current supply
  2. For price; Current price = Market cap / Current supply
  3. For circulating supply; Current supply = Market cap / Current price

These are the formulas and anyone who understands basic mathematics can comprehend these.

However, if you do not have time to use the calculator and use much of your mind for such a simple task, this tool is for you. Just put the data and see the results. No formula, no maths, and not time-consuming.

When do you need a Crypto Market Cap calculator?

Crypto fans can utilize market cap calculator tools, but if you are a frequent trader, investor, analyst, or price prediction specialist in the space, you may need our excellent tool a lot.

So, don’t forget to save this tool as a bookmark in your browser for easy access.

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