StarkNet Airdrop (2024): Launch, Eligibility, Steps to Claim?

StarkNet Airdrop is anticipated to occur. Stay well-prepared.
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Key takeaways

  • StarkNet is a zk-based scaling solution for Ethereum built by Starware Industries.
  • The $STRK token is already launched, but it’s not for sale yet. The team plans an official launch soon, which may include an airdrop.
  • Anyone can secure a spot in the upcoming StarkNet airdrop by following a simple six-step process.

What is StarkNet?

StarkNet serves as a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, employing zk-rollup technology. It upholds decentralization and permissionless access, enabling any decentralized application (dApp) to achieve scalability without compromising Ethereum’s security and composability.

At its core, StarkNet relies on zk-rollup, a technology that combines multiple transfers into a single transaction, facilitating high throughput and minimizing transaction costs.

The term ‘Rollup’ denotes its ability to merge numerous transactions into one, thereby reducing the amount of data that needs to be stored on the blockchain.

Possibility of StarkNet Airdrop Launch

The StarkNet token was introduced on the Ethereum Mainnet in November 2022, but the $STRK token is currently not available for sale. The Starknet Foundation has yet to disclose the details of the Community Rebates and Community Provisions plans.

As of now, no official announcement has been made regarding the launch of the $STRK token’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or its airdrop.

Just speculation: Our evaluation suggests a high likelihood of a StarkNet airdrop, estimated at a 90% chance. This estimate is based on the hints provided in their medium post, which mentions a 9% allocation of the initial $STRK tokens to ‘community provisions’.

This assessment has led to significant anticipation within the community regarding a potential airdrop.

Steps to qualify for the potential StarkNet Airdrop

StarkNet has garnered attention within the crypto community due to its potential as a major zk roll-up layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, positioning it strongly against the zkSync network.

The zkSync airdrop is highly anticipated within the community. You can explore our comprehensive guide on the zkSync airdrop for further details.

With Starknet’s advancement into its mainnet phase, various applications can potentially increase your chances of receiving an airdrop. We’ve prepared a series of steps outlining the key aspects of the StarkNet ecosystem.

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps that can boost your eligibility and improve your chances of winning the StarkNet airdrop.

  1. Set Up Argent X wallet and Metamask Wallet
  2. Use Starkgate bridge
  3. Create StarkNet ID
  4. Interact with Starknet decentralized exchanges
  5. Mint and Buy NFTs
  6. Interact with multiple Starknet Dapps

Keep on reading for a detailed explanation of these steps.

Note: To increase your chances of qualifying for the $STRK airdrop, it is recommended to engage with their dApps as much as possible.

1) Set Up Argent X wallet and Metamask Wallet

To bridge Ethereum from the ECR mainnet to the Starknet network, you’ll require a MetaMask wallet.

However, note that the MetaMask wallet isn’t compatible with Starknet due to its incompatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Instead, you’ll need an Argent X wallet.

Start by downloading both wallets, as they are available as web extensions. If you don’t have a wallet already, create a new one.

ArgentX | Screenshot via

2) Use Starkgate bridge

Stargate is an official bridge deployed by Starkware for asset movement and interoperability between blockchain networks.

To bridge some ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to the Starknet mainnet, follow these steps:

Note: The Starknet bridge is currently in its alpha phase, which could lead to delays and the potential existence of critical bugs.

  1. Head over to the Starkgate Bridge.
  2. In the upper right corner of the page, locate and follow the instructions to connect your Ethereum and Argent wallets.
  3. Once connected, proceed with transferring some ETH from the Ethereum mainnet to the Starknet mainnet.
Starkgate-Bridge | Screenshot via

3) Create StarkNet ID

Most cryptocurrency projects require users to register using a unique ID in order to prevent multiple airdrops to a single person. To guarantee that each individual receives only one airdrop, registration with a distinct ID is an essential step to take when waiting for an airdrop.

Starknet has established a dedicated Starknet ID page for this purpose. To proceed, connect to the Starknet mainnet and connect your Argent wallet using the StarkNet wallet. Then, create an ID with the Stark domain.

After you get your Starknet ID, you may link your social accounts with the Starknet ID just to be a step ahead in being in a good position for an airdrop.

StarkNet-Id | Screenshot via

4) Interact with Starknet decentralized exchanges

On the Starknet Mainnet, there are three major decentralized exchanges. It is essential to interact with all three decentralized exchanges.

Swap with 10kSwap, MySwap, and JediSwap

Head over to each of the exchanges, connect your wallet to the site, and swap any tokens.

After swapping tokens, add the obtained tokens to a liquidity pool on the pool page. So, you can withdraw the funds right away and trade the tokens without spending any money.

Note: Swap tokens as frequently as possible to enhance interaction with these platforms.

10Kswap | Screenshot via

5) Mint and Buy NFTs

The primary platforms for minting NFTs based on StarkNet are Mint Square and Aspect.

Visit these NFT marketplaces and connect to the StarkNet network to create your own NFT. Simply upload an image and add a name and description through the NFT marketplaces. Additionally, consider purchasing some inexpensive NFTs to further engage in the process.

MintSquare | Image via Mint Square

6) Interact with multiple Starknet Dapps

Engaging in multiple kinds of StarkNet dApps is essential for positioning oneself well for potential airdrops. Visit ““, a portal that hosts a wide range of dApps within the StarkNet ecosystem.

Note: To avoid potential scams, avoid accessing lesser-known projects.

Tips for Risk Management while Participating in an Airdrop

  • Create a Burner Wallet: Create a second wallet for airdrop farming that is separate from your regular crypto assets. This method will protect you from potential compromise, limiting potential damages if the airdrop wallet encounters any security concerns.
  • Conduct Thorough Research: Before engaging in any airdrop, undertake extensive research on the project. Examine the whitepaper, website, and social media presence of the initiative to determine its credibility, potential, and community involvement.
  • Secure Private Keys Offline: Avoid keeping private keys on internet-connected devices. To improve security and safeguard against internet dangers, use secure offline storage techniques such as hardware wallets or paper backups.
  • Beware of Scams: Approach airdrops with caution due to an increasing amount of fraud and fake websites in this field. When dealing with any project or dApp, prioritize checking the correct URL, and never, ever reveal your seed phrase.

You may be interested to check out the top upcoming airdrops.

Bottom Line

After following these steps, you can maximize your chances of qualifying for the potential StarkNet airdrop.

We can see that zk-roll-up technology is rising as the next big narrative in the crypto space, and all signs indicate that Starkware may have the potential to be one of the market leaders.

By investing just a little bit of your time and money, you can become eligible for the potential airdrop.

If you get your hands on this airdrop, this could lead you to earn a substantial amount of money, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, once the token is launched later this year.

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FAQs about the StarkNet Airdrop

1) How much is the StarkNet airdrop worth?

The StarkNet airdrop rewards might potentially begin at $10,000, with some fortunate individuals potentially receiving even more. However, it’s crucial to note that these figures are purely speculative within the community, with no official confirmation.

2) Is StarkNet launching its own token?

StarkNet has already launched its $STRK token, but it’s currently not available for sale. The firm has declared its intention to announce the details in the near future.

3) When is the StarkNet airdrop expected to occur?

In most scenarios, predicting airdrops is challenging due to their unpredictability, but the community anticipates the StarkNet airdrop might occur in early or mid-2024.

4) Does it require an initial investment?

No initial investment is needed to join the airdrop. However, a small amount of ETH is required for on-chain transactions, which may have minimal costs.

Disclaimer: This content piece is entirely based on the author’s opinion. It does not provide financial advice and individuals should conduct their own research before making any financial decision.

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