Pi2 Day is coming up; will Pi Network launch Open Mainnet then?

A Pi Day arrives with hopes for the Pi Network open mainnet launch.
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Pi Network is one of the most simple-to-understand and rapidly evolving cryptocurrencies on the market. It is a mobile-mineable and environmentally friendly digital asset that boasts of resolving significant issues with prominent cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum-based projects.

While the Pi Network is an innovative initiative and has been active since March 2019, it is not yet on the open mainnet, resisting Pi coin holders to use them outside the network.

Consequently, Pioneers (Pi miners) are often seen concerned about whether they will see a big update about the open Mainnet launch very soon.

Notably, Pi2 Day is approaching, which has ignited the hope of many for the open mainnet release. In this article, we will cover this topic in depth.

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Pi Network: Overview

Launched in March 2019, the Pi Network is a handily mineable digital currency that claims to promote cryptocurrency around the world without causing any harmful impact on the environment caused due to the use of energy-intensive methods.

Pi tokens, or, say, Pi coins, can be mined using a smartphone by showing active participation in the network and growing the trust circle. This does not consume much power.

The initiative’s objective is to develop utility-based projects within the Pi Network and Pi coins to be used as a governing token. This way, Pi coins could gain some real value.

Although Pi’s price can be spotted on several platforms, individuals should remember that these are nothing more than IOU-based prices. The real fiat currency value of the Pi coin is still $0 as of June 2023.

The Pi coin will hit a price when it is launched on the open mainnet and is traded in the open market, like on crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, CoinGecko, and more.

What is Pi2 Day?

Pi Day is an internationally celebrated day on March 14 in honor of the famous mathematical constant Pi (3.14…).

As we know, the Pi Network got its name from the constant Pi, it also celebrates Pi Day within the project. This means March 14 is a special day within the Pi Network as well.

Pi2 Day or 2Pi Day is another day celebrated for 2Pi (2*3.14…), which is also called Tau. As said, anything regarding constant Pi is special for the Pi Network and this day too.

Pi2 Day is celebrated on June 28, and it is a special day for the Pi Network. This date is approaching.

Will the Pi Network Open Mainnet launch happen on Pi2 Day?

As stated earlier, two Pi days—Pi Day on March 14 and Pi2 Day on June 28 are special days for the Pi Network. As a result, these days always bring speculations about new releases and announcements within the community.

Indeed, the official Pi Network whitepaper has also mentioned these dates as the tentative dates for the open Mainnet launch; however, these mentions are outdated now.

Pi Network Open Mainnet launch date
Image via minepi.com/white-paper

Nonetheless, it gives us a hint that the Pi Network Mainnet will likely be launched on either Pi Day (March 14) or Pi2 Day (June 28).

As of writing, this is already June 11, and only 17 days are left for the Pi2 Day to arrive. Still, there are not any announcements or hints in the community about the Open Mainnet launch. It indicates that the launch may not happen this June 28 (Pi2 Day).

When is the Pi Network Open Mainnet expected to launch?

Before making speculations about the Open Mainnet launch date, it is important to first understand the project’s progress to date as the launch is entirely dependent on it.

For the uninitiated, the Pi Network project has been divided into three phases: Beta, Testnet, and Mainnet. The first two have already passed and it is currently in the third (Mainnet) phase.

Pi coin price prediction
Pi Network roadmap | Image via Moneybinds

The Mainnet phase is further divided into two periods: The enclosed mainnet period and the open Mainnet Period. The innovative project is still in the former.

According to the Pi Network’s updated whitepaper, the Open Mainnet period will begin once the enclosed mainnet has matured sufficiently and one of the current major issues, Pioneers’ KYC, has been resolved.

Although Pioneers are currently able to apply for KYC verification, many are facing availability and pending issues. Regarding the maturity level of the project, it is continuously getting matured with new utility-based product releases. The Pi team regularly conducts hackathons for new ideas and developments.

Recently, the Pi Network released an innovative blockchain-based Web3 social platform called Fireside Forum, that employs tokenomics for its functioning. Users can even earn Pi from this new platform.

Furthermore, the core team has also announced a new hackathon enrollment for June. This will further boost the progress of the Pi Network initiative.

We can see that Pi’s core team is very active, so we can expect a big announcement soon, possibly regarding the open mainnet launch.

That said, as discussed earlier, the project team usually launches major updates and products on one of the Pi days.

Hence, there is a high probability that the Pi Network Open Mainnet will be launched on March 14, 2024, Pi Day.

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Disclaimer: Based on speculations, this article solely reflects the author’s opinion.

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