WorkforcePool Introduces Pi Airdrop, Golden Chance To Earn FREE Pi Coins

An opportunity to get free Pi coins by joining WorkforcePool.
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WorkforcePool, a newly launched Pi-powered freelancing platform, introduces a Pi airdrop to reward users with free Pi coins to encourage their active participation on the platform.

WorkforcePool is a blockchain-based freelancing platform and a Pi hackathon winner. It entered its Mainnet version on Pi2 Day.

Being a new platform, it is distributing free tokens to attract more users and make people aware of its working mechanisms.

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Claiming WorkforcePool’s Pi airdrop

A crypto airdrop is an excellent way to obtain cryptocurrencies for free. It helps many newcomers enter the crypto world, and such events are common for a variety of tokens. However, there are barely any airdrop events in the Pi community, and when they do occur, Pioneers should take advantage of them.

The prize pool for WorkforcePool’s Pi Airdrop is 200 Pi, with 10 Pi awarded to the first twenty users who successfully transact on the platform as clients or freelancers. This means that the contest will be decided by the first ten transactions as two users (one client and one freelancer) will be involved in each transaction.

To claim the airdrop, all you have to do is register on the freelancing platform if you have not previously and complete an order as a freelancer or get a job done as a client. Subsequently, transact the specified amount of Pi for this deal.

If you are one of the first ten successful transaction-makers on the platform, you will receive 10 Pi. The rewards will be transferred to your Pi wallets at the end of the contest.

The winners will be announced on WorkforcePool’s social handles and their official website. Participants will also get in-app notifications about the results.

WorkforcePool has posted on Fireside Forum, describing the entire process and also mentioning the terms and conditions to participate in the Pi airdrop contest.

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What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project that allows users to mine digital assets on their smartphones with just a single click every 24 hours. The initiative was launched in March 2019, aiming to fix numerous existing problems in Web3 and decentralized spaces while also making crypto mining much more convenient for everyone in the world.

So far, this project has garnered over 47 million engaged users and is growing continuously.

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Final Thoughts

Mining 10 Pi coins can take several days or even months due to the variable mining rate, so the WorkforcePool airdrop may be worthwhile for Pioneers.

Pioneers should keep in mind that this is only the beginning because the community anticipates many more surprises in the future. Pioneers are excited about the future of the Pi initiative as a result of the WorkforcePool platform launch because such launches will significantly boost Pi’s value.

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