Interesting: Pi Network’s Latest Releases Elevate Pi Coin to New Heights

P Network's native crypto, Pi Coin, is gaining value.
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In the realm of crypto, the Pi Network is one of the prominent decentralized and user-friendly cryptocurrency ecosystems that can be accessed and mined using mobile devices.

Pi Network users are optimistic about the developments deployed by the firm as the community is vigorously waiting for the Open Mainnet launch where Pioneers will be able to trade their Pi coins on crypto exchanges.

Despite not being registered on any cryptocurrency exchanges, the Pi coin is gaining market traction. In fact, some crypto exchanges, including as Huobi Global and BitMart, have already recognized the potential of this revolutionary coin and have listed it, albeit unofficially.

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With regular upgrades and feature improvements, the Pi Network has been constantly evolving. Several new Pi-powered platforms, such as Fireside Forum and WorkforcePool, have recently been established, elevating the Pi Coin’s prominence within the cryptocurrency world.

Before talking about how these new platforms boost the value of Pi coins, let’s first take an overview of the said platforms:

WorkforcePool Overview

Pi Network WorkforcePool
Pi Network WorkforcePool | Image via Moneybinds

After much anticipation, the WorkforcePool Mainnet, which operates on the Pi Network and utilizes Pi tokens, successfully launched on June 28 (Pi2 Day) following a thorough testnet phase.

The WorkforcePool serves as an innovative blockchain-powered freelance marketplace, empowering individuals to exchange their Pi coins for valuable services.

By enabling Pioneers to connect with and hire freelancers from around the globe, this project aspires to democratize freelancing, making it accessible to individuals everywhere while leveraging the potential of blockchain technology to facilitate secure and transparent transactions.

Fireside Forum Overview

On May 30, 2023, the Pi Network’s core team introduced a cutting-edge application called Fireside Forum, demonstrating their commitment to innovation.

Fireside Forum represents a Web 3 social community platform within the Pi network, dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations and social interactions among its users.

This platform serves as a hub where millions of Pioneers from across the globe can seamlessly connect and engage in a dynamic and human-centered environment.

To encourage positive interactions and discourage negative behavior, Fireside Forum incorporates novel tokenomics that provide rewards for constructive participation while discouraging detrimental actions.

To encourage content, users can reward the creator with in-app tokens which are loaded into the app by spending Pi coins. The creator can exchange the earned tokens for Pi coins in the future.

Pi-powered platforms are boosting the value of Pi coin

Achieving widespread adoption is a significant challenge for any project in the crypto space. However, Pi Network is overcoming this hurdle by harnessing the power of social networks.

The Pi network continues to demonstrate its commitment to technological advancements with the introduction of notable features such as Fireside Forum and WorkforcePool.

By implementing these innovative features, the Pi network aims to bridge the gap between the world of cryptocurrencies and mainstream adoption, effectively engaging users from diverse backgrounds.

Although not the monetary value, these platforms are giving significant value to the mobile-minable Pi coins as holders can use them in exchange for real-world benefits like promoting content on Fireside and hiring freelancers on WorkforcePool.

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It’s important to note that the Pi network is currently in an enclosed Mainnet phase, where the value of Pi remains at zero dollars in the public market. Nevertheless, the recent releases from the Pi network have significantly propelled the Pi Coin to new heights, garnering increased attention and interest.

For those curious about the potential value of the Pi Coin, exploring an article on Pi Coin price predictions might offer valuable insights.

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What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a mobile-based crypto mining platform launched in 2019. It is based on blockchain technology that operates on the Steller Consensus Protocol (SCP).

The core objective of the firm is to foster inclusivity within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By enabling individuals to participate in the network without costly mining equipment, the Pi Network opens up opportunities for users to potentially earn rewards.

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The deployment of new platforms within the enclosed mainnet is a positive development, indicating the project’s progress and its potential impact on the value of the Pi coin.

This step paves the way for the future launch of an Open mainnet, where the Pi coin will gain recognition as a valuable digital currency, facilitating transactions such as buying, selling, and exchanging.

The notable focus of the project lies in its priority on accessibility and inclusivity. By attracting users who may not be well-versed in traditional cryptocurrencies, the project strives to make cryptocurrency more approachable to a wider audience.

As the project continues to evolve and mature, it becomes increasingly interesting to observe how the Pi Network will shape the future of digital currencies and empower individuals on a global scale.

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