Pi Network Keeps Focus on Development Despite Mainnet Noise

Pi Network does not care about the incoming Mainnet noise.
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Pi Network, the popular mobile-mining cryptocurrency project, has been highly criticized for not launching the open mainnet. In fact, it has been more than four years since the project’s commencement, but no official mainnet launch schedule has been announced.

There are a lot of negative comments about Pi Network floating around social media these days. A part of the community has begun to lose faith in the project’s ability to succeed and launch its open mainnet.

Despite such a demand for the Mainnet launch, the Pi Network core team keeps its focus on developing useful utilities and dApps that can provide users with something valuable. Recently, it launched the Staked DMs feature within its Pi Chat app, which adds to the usability of the Pi cryptocurrency.

Pi Network keeps working to turn Pi Coin into a valuable asset

The ultimate goal of Pi Network is to make its native cryptocurrency, Pi coin, a valuable asset in the real world. To that end, the team behind this revolutionary project has been consistently developing dApps and other utilities powered by Pi coin that can have a significant impact on people’s daily lives and can serve in a similar manner to some large Web2 platforms but in a decentralized approach.

So far, Pi Network has released many dApps, such as Pi’s KYC platform, Fireside Forum, and Pi Chat, which are completely backed by Pi’s blockchain technology and its native token, Pi.

These decentralized apps put value in Pi tokens by creating a sense of scarcity and cost for engaging. For example, the KYC app allows Pioneers to complete their KYC on the platform at the cost of 1 Pi. This amount is earned by the people involved in validating the KYC application.

The recently launched Web3 social platform, Fireside Forum, by Pi Network is another great dApp to attract users. It is a decentralized social platform that operates on Pi’s tokenomics, which makes the platform worthwhile to spend time on.

Well, the most recent exciting release by Pi Network is the Staked Direct Messaging (DM) feature on its Pi Chat app, which allows any Pioneer to directly message any other Pioneer by staking some Pi coins. If the message requester’s request is accepted, the staked Pi coins are returned to him. This helps prevent spam messages and encourages healthy and meaningful conversation.

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Moreover, the core team regularly organizes hackathons to encourage developers to build innovative products powered by Pi Network’s technologies. The winners are rewarded with a significant amount of Pi coins.

In brief, the Pi Network team is determined to achieve their goal of making Pi coin a household cryptocurrency while not focusing much on quick success by launching the Open Mainnet. The founders of Pi Network have said multiple times that they want to build an ecosystem of valuable utilities and not enjoy profits in the short term.

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What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is one of the first mobile mining cryptocurrency projects which was launched on 14th of March 2019. As of now, the project has been supported by over 50 million users and is one of the most popular crypto projects ever.

Pi Network’s main objective is to put value in front of its users and bring out a cryptocurrency that holds true value without hampering the environment in mining it. That is, no extensive energy consumption and heavy resources are required for mining this digital currency.

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