Unveiling Staked DMs: Pi Network’s Next Leap in the Web 3 Revolution

After Fireside Forum, Staked DMs will also boost the value of Pi Coin.
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Pi Network, one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects, launched its new Staked DMs (Direct Messages) feature on its Pi Chat app on October 17, 2023.

Pi Network’s ecosystem has grown into a mega platform for Pioneers, Moderators, and Core Team members to share updates, discuss product releases, and engage in various topics using Pi Chats.

As the Pi Network community has grown and evolved, ensuring that conversations are spam-free and meaningful has become crucial. Moreover, private messaging has been in demand for obvious reasons.

Bringing in a solution to these problems, the Pi core team has introduced the “Staked DMs” feature within the Pi Chat app which empowers Pi network members to engage in private and one-on-one conversations by staking their Pi coin.

Let’s get a thorough understanding of the concept of Staked DMs and explore the benefits it aims to provide to the Pioneers.

What is Staked Direct Messaging (DM) in Pi Network?

Pi Network Staked DM feature
Pi Network Staked DM feature | Image via @PiNewsMedia/X

Staked Direct Messaging (DM) is a new feature incorporated into the Pi Chat app where Pioneers (Pi holders) will be able to do private, one-on-one conversations by staking Pi cryptocurrency when initiating a message request.

The new feature utilizes Web 3 technology to encourage valuable connections while discouraging spam. This approach represents Pi Network’s unbreakable commitment to authenticity, encouraging fruitful debate, upholding accountability, and promoting a healthier online social environment.

Basically, this feature is expected to lead to meaningful connections between Pi network members within the community.

How does it work?

Pioneers are required to pledge a certain amount of Pi coins as collateral when initiating a one-on-one direct message request within the Pi Chat app.

The cost of spamming operations is increased by the staking requirement, acting as a natural barrier against spam. When a message request is denied, the initiator loses the Pi coins they had placed, preventing them from making pointless requests.

On the other hand, the initiator receives their staked Pi coins back when the message request is accepted. However, the recipient can independently decide to accept or reject incoming message requests.

Like Fireside Forum, Pi Network’s recent successful Pi-powered dApp, Staked DM also uses an efficient tokenomics powered by Pi cryptocurrency. This certainly boosts the value of the digital coin and contributes to the project’s ultimate goal of building a Pi-powered ecosystem of useful utilities.

How will Pioneers Benefit from this Innovation?

The launch of Staked DMs has paved the way for both community members and outside users to use their Pi to gain decentralized exclusive access to Pioneers.

Here are a few important aspects of community management and online social interaction within the Pi Network that Staked DMs will effectively handle.

1) Enhanced Personalization: Staked DMs provide a deeper and more complex method of communication. Pioneers are able to form personal relationships that go beyond the limits of their regular sharing interactions.

2) Balance between Accessibility and Protection: Staked DMs seek to offer a solution that enables users to interact with others while defending their interests and privacy. To maintain a secure and entertaining online environment, this balance is crucial.

3) Managing Information Overload: The concept manages to fix the information overload problem. Managing an increase in connections and messages becomes more difficult as the Pi Network expands. Staked DMs provide a way to manage this overload and make sure users only receive communication that is useful and necessary.

4) Innovation in Social Networking: Staked Direct Messages (DMs) are a social networking innovation that provides a novel approach to some of the issues that arise during online conversations, including Web2 DM systems. It might establish new guidelines for how online communities support connections and preserve their members.

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What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is a popular crypto-mining platform that was launched in March 2019. The primary goal of the project is to facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by simplifying their technological infrastructure.

It is one of the platforms that allows users to mine digital currency using their smartphones, unlike other crypto-mining projects that demand specialized hardware and energy-intensive mining processes.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the “Staked DMs” feature to the Pi Chat app has marked a significant advancement in the realm of Web 3, especially the rapidly growing user base of Pi Network.

This innovation aims to promote genuine connections and prevent spam by utilizing the power of Web3 technology.

Pi Network’s fundamental mission is to create online experiences that are authentic, responsible, and of the highest level. In a nutshell, the goal of this innovation is to promote healthier and more significant online relationships within the community.

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