Pi Network Roadmap Version 1: How Many Days Left For The Release?

Pioneers will soon see a clear roadmap for the Pi Network project.
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After so many demands to release a clear and straightforward roadmap for Pi Network, the core team pushed an announcement on their blog that they had planned to launch the roadmap. They clarified that the roadmap will be in two versions, each focusing on different phases of the Pi Network.

Although the roadmaps will not contain a certain schedule for the much anticipated Open Mainnet launch, they will contain many important pieces of information and the progress timeline of the project that the community is impatiently waiting to see.

As per the announcement, which was made on October 9, the first version of the roadmap was scheduled to be released in mid or late October. However, as of writing, it’s already October 25, and the roadmap has not been released yet.

It’s already late October, and according to the Pi Network team’s promise, the roadmap should be revealed within a few days, no later than October 31st. Thus, “Version 1” of Pi Network is expected to be live within six days.

What will Version 1 of Pi Network’s Roadmap reveal?

In the eagerly awaited Version 1 of Pi Network’s roadmap, the focus is on delivering an insightful look into the journey so far. Indeed, the roadmap is labeled as milestone-based. So, the roadmap will be presented by highlighting milestones that Pi Network achieved so far and the ones it is following currently.

This initial version will show two key components: the past milestones achieved by various Pi products and projects and the current milestones the team is actively pursuing. It will reflect the project’s commitment to transparency.

The October version will provide Pioneers and enthusiasts with a deep understanding of the project’s progress, setting the stage for the exciting path ahead.

An Overview of the Roadmap Version 2

The second version of the Pi Network roadmap will be released in December this year. The community’s feedback will matter a lot for the content of the second roadmap because the core team will consider the community’s thoughts and will then release a more sophisticated roadmap clearing Pioneers’ doubts about the project’s future ahead.

It will also give us the path toward the Open Mainnet launch.

What is Pi Network?

Launched in March 2019, Pi Network is a cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize crypto-mining and the perspective of people towards the use of cryptocurrencies.

With a motto of making Pi coin a digital asset spendable in daily life, the Pi Network has been actively working on building an ecosystem of useful dApps (decentralized apps) and encouraging developers worldwide to build something amazing, fueled by Pi Network’s own blockchain and native token, Pi.

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