Pi Network’s Listing on Crypto Exchanges: Will This Ever Happen?

Pi Network must be listed on crypto exchanges to deal with fiat currencies.
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With the vision of making “cryptocurrency” a household term, Pi Network has come a long way, but not as far as the pioneers anticipated. Although Pi Network has revolutionized crypto mining by introducing the mobile mining concept, it has yet to become a successful cryptocurrency.

Despite remarkable support from the community, Pi Network is frequently criticized by the community itself for not launching the open mainnet and even not giving a clear roadmap to achieving this milestone.

Indeed, there is a new concern spreading in the community that the Pi Network was not launched with the goal of being listed on crypto exchanges. We will explore this concern in detail further below.

Pi Network’s Crypto Exchange Saga: A Question of When, Not If

In a recent Pi Network roadmap announcement, the Pi Core Team (PCT) confirmed that there will be two versions of the roadmap rolling out in late October and December, respectively.

Everything in the announcement seemed good except the statement that confirmed that the roadmaps will not include a schedule for the open mainnet; instead, they will only cover the necessary milestones to achieve before entering the mainnet. This was pretty disappointing for users anticipating the open mainnet launch date.

Indeed, the mainnet milestones to be included in the roadmap will most probably not come along with dates of their completion, adding to the mystery surrounding the launch of the open mainnet.

Pi Coin must be on the open mainnet before it can be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Because the date of the mainnet launch is still unknown, the answer to the question of when the Pi Network will be available on crypto exchanges remains a mystery.

Pi Coin holders will be unable to trade and exchange their holdings for other digital assets until the project launches on the public mainnet. The majority of Pi Network users have patiently followed the project in the hope that it will profit them. However, this does not appear to happen sooner.

With the rising concerns, an active member of the Pi community, @Edycabas, on X (Twitter) posted that the Pi Network was not developed to be listed on a crypto exchange.

He said,

Some say Pi wasn’t created to be in the exchanges, it was only created to be a medium of exchange for products and services.

Edycabas via X (Twitter)

This statement hints at the primary goal of the Pi Network. The cryptocurrency initiative is focused on building a sustainable, scalable, and efficient ecosystem to make cryptocurrencies usable in daily life rather than just thinking about listing the Pi Coin on exchanges and making profits.


Exchange listings are critical for a cryptocurrency’s liquidity because they give users more ways to trade and interact with the token. Increased liquidity frequently results in a more vibrant market and easier access for potential investors. However, the core of the project must be strong, and it must serve users something valuable to ensure it plays well in the market in the long run.

While the question of whether Pi Network will be listed on crypto exchanges remains open, it’s essential to recognize that exchange listings are just one facet of a project’s journey. The PCT’s focus on transparency, community involvement, and technological innovation positions the project strategically as it considers this significant step.

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Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the author’s opinion and does not give financial advice.

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