Top 3 Upcoming Layer 2 Projects on Polygon CDK to Keep an Eye On

Layer 2 projects that have potential to become create impact in the crypto realm.
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Polygon Technology, one of the leading crypto firms, has been bashing the crypto industry with its groundbreaking innovation known as the Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit). This cutting-edge CDK is an open-source resource, built to empower developers in building and deploying zk-powered layer 2 blockchain on the Ethereum network.

With the rise in popularity of the Polygon CDK, many new cryptocurrency projects are adopting this technology to scale their projects within the Web 3 space.

In this article, we’ve highlighted the top three upcoming layer 2 projects employing Polygon CDK which have the potential to be the next big projects in the crypto world.

Top 3 upcoming layer 2 projects on Polygon CDK

1) Astar Network

Astar Network is a multi-chain decentralized application layer in the Polkadot ecosystem. It provides compatibility with both the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the WebAssembly (Wasm) environments, enabling seamless interoperability between the two through a cross-virtual machine approach.

The upcoming launch of Astar zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum virtual machine) via the Polygon CDK marks a significant milestone for the Astar Network. This initiative is geared towards establishing a bridge between the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems.

By delivering scalability, seamless operations, EVM compatibility, strong security, and trustless interoperability between the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, this initiative has the potential to act as a vital link connecting users and developers from both domains.

2) Canto

Canto operates as a layer-1 blockchain and is firmly rooted in the Cosmos network. Its primary goal is to create a new framework that incorporates open, transparent, decentralized, and cost-free financial infrastructures. Its core mission relies on bringing a revolution to the DeFi space.

In a recent development, the project has just migrated to an Ethereum layer-2 ecosystem by utilizing the Polygon CDK. This strategic approach focuses on the development of NeoFinance, which aims to make it easier to integrate real-world assets into chains.

They claim that “NeoFinance” is the upcoming example of how conventional finance can be transformed into an on-chain protocol. This approach demands deep and uniform liquidity, which Polygon CDK-based chains offer.

Additionally, a variety of real-world assets can be added to CDK-based networks and traded on the blockchain because of their modular design.

3) Capx

Capx operates as a layer-2 blockchain designed specifically for the distribution and trade of tokens. It supports an active secondary market for tokens, offering token streaming for investor payouts, and permits selective distributions for project communities to ensure liquidity and accessibility in the ecosystem.

Through the use of Polygon CDK, the project has released a testnet on Polygon zkEVM in collaboration with Polygon. This project’s main goal is to provide a specialized, safe, decentralized infrastructure for the Capx Platform.

Through this collaboration, Capx will grow within the Web 3 framework, enhancing user experience while ensuring scalability.

Benefits of Employing Polygon CDK for Crypto Projects

  • Highly Modular: The Polygon CDK offers developers the freedom to modify their L2 chains according to their needs. This flexibility fulfills the particular requirements of many applications, ensuring that each app maximizes blockchain performance.
  • Improved Scalability: Polygon CDK chains act like their own separate layer-2 systems, making Ethereum less congested and faster. Using zk-proofs for batch processing also helps lessen the work of each blockchain. Additionally, it allows developers to customize their blockchain’s scalability without causing issues for Ethereum.
  • Strong Data Accessibility: CDK-based chains feature a specialized Data Availability Committee (DAC) ensuring dependable access to off-chain data. This setup enhances the security and reliability of data in the ecosystem.


Polygon CDK is a recent addition to the evolving crypto space, joining Optimism’s super-chains and various app chains in a competitive race to be an ideal solution for Ethereum’s scalability.

So far the tech has been able to establish itself as a choice among developers due to its robot technology and extensive liquidity.

The booming Polygon ecosystem can accelerate the adoption of its CDK and enable app-specific blockchains to take over dApps along with transactions at this pace.

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Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the author’s opinion.

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