OnePlanet Polygon NFT Marketplace Offers Free Game Passes

An opportunity to grab free NFT game passes.
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With the rise of Web 3 gaming, OnePlanet, the native polygon NFT marketplace, has announced that it will give away free game passes on October 18th.

This Game Pass NFT is exclusively reserved for individuals on a special whitelist. To secure a spot on the whitelist, users are required to mint at least one NFT using OnePlanet’s launch pad and activate push notifications on their websites.

With the increasing popularity of Web 3 gaming and digital items, these opportunities are recognized as valuable gateways to acquiring in-game treasures. Participating in these types of events is a great way to get started exploring the world of Web 3 gaming and digital items.

Who is eligible for the free pass?

OnePlanet’s team has made it official by detailing the requirements in their latest social media update on X (previously Twitter). Within this post, they outline the specific conditions for obtaining a spot on the whitelist to access the free game pass.

To qualify for the free game pass, users need to meet the following prerequisites:

  • Users should have previously minted NFTs using the OnePlanet Launchpad since its launch on the Polygon network.
  • They are also required to activate push notifications on the official website of OnePlanet.

You may go through their official, detailed step-by-step guide on the process of using or activating push notifications.

What is this Game Pass about?

The OnePlanet Game Pass is supposed to be a gateway for gamers to enter OnePlanet’s ecosystem. Pass holders will gain special privileges, including exclusive access to thrilling monthly events and a unique chance to enhance their NFT collection.

It is stated that the game pass is split into two categories: single-use tickets, which permit participation in a single event, and multi-entry permits, which can be used whenever required. The OnePlanet website allows users to keep track of the number of passes they still have.

Things that you can expect from this Game Pass

Game pass holders in the OnePlanet ecosystem can look forward to the following benefits:

  • They’ll get opportunities to win rare and valuable in-game items through random draws.
  • As they explore the NFT marketplace, they can enhance and exchange the digital items in their wallets.
  • They can also participate in special giveaways and get exclusive chances to access rare NFTs.

What is OnePlanet?

OnePlanet is one of the leading NFT marketplaces based on Polygon Network, which aims to be a vital player in the rising Web 3 gaming space by harnessing the immense power of NFTs.

The platform boasts cutting-edge gaming functionalities, a user-friendly utility structure, and an efficient marketplace for gaming NFTs.

In addition, it provides Web 3 gamers with all-in-one resources, offering instant access to in-game information, real-time statistics, and crucial insights about gaming NFTs.

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