Pi Network Mainnet Countdown: How Many Days Left For The Launch?

Here is everything about Pi Network mainnet countdown!
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The Pi Network is arguably one of the most anticipated crypto projects ever. With a vision to make crypto accessible for everyday people, the crypto initiative has been around for more than four years now. However, it has yet to launch its open Mainnet, which is the most heated subject in the community.

Indeed, Pi Network’s core team has not released any solid plans or schedules for the public Mainnet launch. This is quite shocking, as the Network has already grabbed the attention of over 47 million users worldwide who are not yet aware of when the open Mainnet will go live, allowing them to utilize their patiently mined Pi coins.

Although the officials have not announced the launch of the Open Mainnet, we have brought to you a rigid Pi Network Mainnet countdown based on several reasonable speculations.

Pi Network Mainnet Countdown: When will the Open Mainnet launch?

Let’s first understand why the core team has not yet brought the Mainnet live for the general public before estimating a probable release date.

After successfully passing the Beta and Testnet phases, Pi Network entered the Mainnet phase in December 2021. However, it didn’t directly get into the public blockchain (the open Mainnet); rather, the team decided to first stay in the enclosed Mainnet period for enough time that allowed developers to try out different Pi features and build Pi-based utility apps and mass users to complete their KYC without any hassles.

Pi Network mainnet countdown
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However, as of August 2023, the project is still in the enclosed Mainnet phase. In this phase, Pi holders cannot interact with other blockchains using Pi. This means they cannot trade or exchange Pi coins for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

You might be wondering about the development team’s upcoming plans. Let’s explore more!

Indeed, the Pi Network core team has mentioned several times that the release of the open Mainnet depends on the maturity of the project, the progress of KYC verification, and how far the Pi Network initiative has come in achieving its major goals. KYC verification is one of the most crucial aspects.

Surprisingly, in the ecosystem of 47 million Pioneers, only 5.6 million (11.9%) have passed the KYC. This latest data indicates the need for a much more reliable and robust mass KYC solution. The core team has said that they are working to introduce such a solution very soon.

Once the aforementioned major progress is made by the Pi Network team and community, they will launch the Open Mainnet.

What about a tentative release date then?

If we look at Pi Network’s past events, the development team usually conducts major events either on Pi Day (14 March) or Pi2 Day (28 June). These two dates were also mentioned in the latest whitepaper for a probable release of the Open Mainnet in 2022.

Pi Network Mainnet countdown
Image via minepi.com/white-paper

This indicates that the core team will most probably launch the Pi Network open Mainnet on one of these dates. Since Pi Day and Pi2 Day 2023 have already passed, there is a high chance that the launch will occur on either 14 March 2024 (Pi Day) or 28 June 2024 (Pi2 Day) if the existing priorities such as KYC verification and building utility apps get mature enough.

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What is Pi Network?

Launched in March 2019, Pi Network is a revolutionary cryptocurrency project that aims to draw the attention of everyday people to using cryptocurrencies, namely the Pi coin.

Users can mine Pi tokens/coins by using their smartphones. All they need to do is click on a button within the Pi Network app every 24 hours to show their active participation within the network. With its handy mining mechanism, even users with no technical or crypto background can engage in Pi mining.

Moreover, it has the vision to solve major current issues in the blockchain and Web 3 space that other crypto projects have not been able to solve yet. Unlike traditional digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, this novel coin does not require energy-intensive hardware to mine it, which significantly contributes to maintaining a sustainable environment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Pi Network has not yet made any announcement about the launch of the open Mainnet. However, it is anticipated that the team will soon drop a well-structured roadmap for it.

For now, we can only make speculations about the subject based on certain facts, as in this article.

Pioneers should follow Pi Network’s official social media handles to get the most recent news. Also, follow us on X (Twitter) and Google News to never miss important news and analysis about Pi Network.

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