Pi Network’s New Roadmap: When will it Release?

Insiders have revealed the new roadmap release date!
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Pi Network’s open Mainnet launch has always been a hot topic of discussion within the community. While some pioneers expect it to happen in 2023, the majority say, with a disappointed heart, that it is never going to happen.

It’s been over four years since the launch of the Pi Network project, and still, there is no clue when the Pi token will actually be called a cryptocurrency. The community is constantly appealing to the core team to shed light on the ongoing developments and provide a clear roadmap for the launch of the open mainnet.

Indeed, there is an active rumor spreading around social media that the Pi Network core team will soon unveil an updated roadmap. This has sparked the hype again.

In this feature, we’ll explore what the Pi Network community can expect from this hyped roadmap release.

Insiders hint at Pi Network’s updated roadmap release date

As Pioneers expressed disappointment with the Pi Network project, the community’s top voices and a few moderators on the Pi Network app got into supporting Pioneers, urging the core team for an updated and straightforward roadmap.

In August, there were strong rumors on social platforms like X (Twitter), hinting at the release of a new roadmap in September. However, nearly half of September has passed with no update from the core development team.

Recently, another rumor came up in the community revealing that the first version (v1) of the roadmap would be released in mid-October and the second version (v2) in the fourth quarter of the year, probably in December 2023.

Although the X (Twitter) post reveals that the information was originally given by the founder, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, there is no proof that this post is genuine. This might just be another fake rumor circulating around social platforms.

That said, there is a strong possibility that the latest rumor saying that the roadmap will be unveiled in October will be true. This is because the Pi Network project is currently in a very crucial stage, and losing the faith of the users will negatively impact its future objectives.

Let’s dig deeper into the reasons for the need for an updated roadmap with well-structured steps to finally see Pi Network on the open Mainnet.

The need for an updated Pi Network roadmap

As the project enters its fifth year, a pressing question remains: When will Pi Network finally launch on the open Mainnet?

This is more than just a curious inquiry; it symbolizes the hopes and expectations of the Pi Network community that has patiently supported the project.

The need for an updated roadmap couldn’t be more apparent. Cryptocurrency projects, like Pi Network, operate in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. The crypto space demands transparency, clear communication, and adaptability.

An updated roadmap is essential to address the concerns of the community, provide clarity on the project’s future direction, and maintain the trust and confidence of its users.

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What is Pi Network?

For the uninitiated, the Pi Network is an ambitious project that has garnered attention for its unique mobile mining approach and has been on a journey for over four years (since March 2019).

Pi Network is based on a novel consensus protocol called the Steller consensus protocol and is designed to solve major prevailing issues in the blockchain and Web3 space.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there’s a strong need for an updated Pi Network roadmap with straightforward, well-structured, and finite steps needed to make this project successful. The whitepaper was last updated in December 2022 but it still lacks answers to many essential concerns. The Pi Core Team needs to respond quickly with a positive mindset.

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Disclaimer: This feature is entirely based on speculations, rumors, and the author’s perspectives.

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