$LOYAL Airdrop: Are you eligible? (All you need to know)

The $LOYAL airdrop could be a massive one for a new memecoin.
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The renowned influencer and anonymous meme coin creator, Ben.eth, who has an impressive Twitter following, initiated a presale for a new token known as $LOYAL. This DEX/memecoin offering marks the third meme coin introduced by Ben.eth, following the launch of Ben Coin and Psyop Coin.

In a notable collaboration, Bitboy and Ben.eth teamed up and unveiled a new token named Psyop. However, due to significant backlash from the community surrounding Psyop Coin, the founders made the commendable decision to reimburse those who incurred losses during the airdrop.

Subsequently, the two founders joined forces once again to introduce a fresh token, the $Loyal token, which aims to rectify past flaws and ensure a flawless user experience.

Although it is quite hard to speculate on a coin that has yet to be launched on any platform other than through an airdrop, this article endeavors to provide readers with the available accumulated information found on the internet about the Loyal airdrop.

What is a $Loyal token?

Loyal is an ambitious cryptocurrency, that aspires to become a significant undertaking within the Web 3.0 realm, distinguishing itself from meme coins.

It leverages Ethereum’s blockchain, a decentralized platform that empowers businesses to comprehensively understand their customers, fostering enhanced efficiency, transparency, and security.

Video guide for Loyal token

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Who is behind the $Loyal token?

The LOYAL token is the brainchild of Ben.eth, a well-known figure in the crypto community. He has a sizable Twitter following. He is known as the mastermind behind the meme coins Ben and Psyop, and he has attracted a large number of new investors as well as popularity among prominent crypto traders.

$Loyal, the latest addition, is reported to be the third meme coin launched by Ben.eth in collaboration with Ben Armstrong, widely known as (BitBoy Crypto), a renowned cryptocurrency influencer and content creator with a substantial following within the crypto community.

While the specific features of the new $Loyal coin have not yet been disclosed, it is possible that they will bear similarities to the features exhibited by Ben and Psyop.

“$LOYAL is a huge project with massive utility that is going to change the Web3 space. It has the potential to debut in Top 100 or higher,” Ben Armstrong said in a tweet.

In an unexpected turn of events, on June 5, 2023, Ben Armstrong, famously known as BitBoy crypto, took to Twitter to announce his complete separation from his former partner, Ben.eth. As part of this separation, he relinquished control over the liquidity pool he had been holding for $Loyal.

How do you know if you are eligible for the $Loyal Airdrop?

To participate in the Loyal airdrop, individuals were required to directly send Ethereum to the creator, Ben, through a decentralized exchange. The minimum amount of ETH to be sent was set at .001 ETH, without any maximum limit imposed.

The pre-sale launch began on May 27, 2023, and ended on May 29, 2023.

Note: Please exercise caution and remain aware of potential scams, as numerous numbers of fake websites are claiming to distribute $loyal tokens.

Astonishingly, within a time of 24 hours, the founders amassed millions worth of cryptocurrencies through the pre-sale launch of Loyal tokens.

If the Loyal airdrop happens, it is likely to benefit numerous $BEN holders and other enthusiasts who showed active participation in the community.

What can be expected after the LOYAL Airdrop launch?

The founders have revealed their intention to employ the Loyal token as a means of governance for a decentralized exchange.

Within the crypto community, decentralized exchanges have faced substantial criticism due to their perceived unfair protocols concerning new tokens. In response, the founders have taken the initiative and prepared to develop PsyDex, a DEX/Memecoin launchpad, aiming to address these concerns.

The founders have made a bold claim that the exchange will be backed by a substantial sum of 21 million dollars.

While an official announcement regarding the launch of the DEX is yet to be made, the founders have dropped several hints on Twitter, enticing anticipation among the community.

Official announcement tweet

Final Thought

With the recent surge in popularity of meme coins, Loyal has the potential to become the next prominent player in the crypto space.

Currently, the token is in its early stages, with no extensive marketing efforts in place. The creators have primarily relied on self-promotion through Twitter as their primary means of marketing.

In the near future, Loyal is expected to be listed on popular crypto exchanges like Coingecko and Binance, which is likely to result in increased trading volumes.

Despite speculation within the community categorizing $Loyal as just another meme coin, it is important to note that the project’s team is robustly focused on building a decentralized exchange. This strong foundation contributes positively to the long-term prospects of the token.

Impressively, Loyal has already amassed substantial funds, highlighting its potential in the short term. Furthermore, the token is poised to contribute to the advancement and progression of decentralization as a whole.

Hence, it is worth participating in the potential Loyal airdrop that can occur in the nearest future. Also, interested individuals should remain active in the community, especially the Twitter community, to stay updated with the latest announcements.

Disclaimer: This article is solely based on the writer’s opinion and it should not be taken as financial advice.

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