opBNB Airdrop (2023): How to Claim Binance’s Potentially Biggest Airdrop?

The potential opBNB airdrop is speculated to be the biggest airdrop so far.
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With the deployment of opBNB on the BNB chain, a new and high-performance layer-2 solution has emerged to effectively scale the BNB smart chain network. Built on the Optimism stack, this technological advancement holds immense potential and could become the next major narrative in the layer-2 space.

Currently, opBNB is in the testnet phase, presenting an excellent opportunity to participate. Notably, participation in the testnet is completely free of cost, making it an attractive proposition.

Engaging in the testnet can be advantageous by increasing the likelihood of being well-positioned to receive a potential opBNB airdrop.

This article guides you with the essential steps you should follow to maximize your chances of being eligible for the potential opBNB airdrop.

What is opBNB?

The opBNB serves as the BNB smart chain‘s layer-2 scaling solution, compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and built upon the Optimism OP stack. Its primary objective revolves around enhancing the Binance Network’s security and scalability.

Through the utilization of Optimistic Rollups, the opBNB effectively relieves the BNB smart chain of transaction processing and resource utilization burdens, all the while ensuring data is recorded on the mainnet underneath. This results in a streamlined and expedited experience for blockchain transactions.

Notably, the opBNB boasts an estimated transaction processing capacity of approximately 4,761 transactions per second, surpassing Ethereum’s current TPS by a considerable margin.

Is opBNB launching its own token?

Currently, there are no plans mentioned to introduce a native token specifically for opBNB, given that the BNB smart chain already utilizes BNB as its native token.

If opBNB experiences considerable growth and recognition within the cryptocurrency industry, there have been talks in the community about the potential adoption of a new governance token.

Therefore, it remains a possibility that opBNB might eventually establish its own governance token.

When is opBNB airdrop expected to occur?

At present, there has been no official announcement made regarding the occurrence of an opBNB airdrop. Additionally, the company has explicitly stated that there are currently no intentions to conduct an airdrop.

However, within the community, speculation suggests the possibility of an airdrop in the near future. In relation to the specific participation in this testnet, it is important to note that it is completely free of charge. Given this, it is certainly worthwhile to consider giving it a try.

How can you qualify for the potential opBNB airdrop tokens?

The primary objective of opBNB is to provide assistance to the BNB network by addressing congestion issues and reducing transaction costs. This narrative holds significant promise for the future of the BNB network and possesses the potential for substantial growth.

Presently, opBNB is in the testnet phase, allowing users to operate without the need for real-value tokens in the testnet environment.

To position yourself approvingly for a potential opBNB airdrop, it is necessary to complete the following steps diligently.

1) Add Binance Smart Chain Network

To get started, navigate to chainlist.org and establish a connection between your Metamask wallet and the website.

Make sure to enable the “include Testnets” option before searching for “Binance Smart Chain Testnet.” Next, take the appropriate actions to add the network to your wallet.

Note: Make sure to set your MetaMask wallet’s network to opBNB Testnet.

Image via Chainlist.org

2) Get BNB Token

In order to obtain BNB tokens for the testnet, it will be necessary to visit a faucet.

To proceed, navigate to BNB’s Discord server and join it. Once inside, kindly agree to the discord’s rules, and upon doing so, you will gain acceptance.

Next, access the #testnet-faucet2 channel within the Discord server and request the token by typing “/faucetYourWalletAddress”.

BNB Chain's Discord Server
Image via BNB chain’s Discord server

3) Bridge from BNB testnet to opBNB testnet

To begin the process, visit opbnb testnet Bridge and establish a connection between your Metamask wallet and the platform. From there, you can choose any desired quantity of testnet BNB to bridge from the BNB testnet to the opBNB testnet.

It’s important to note that as a testnet environment, all the BNB tokens used do not hold any real-world value. Therefore, you can utilize them freely and without concern.

opBNB airdrop
Image via opBNB Bridge

4) Withdraw from opBNB testnet to BNB testnet

Once you have successfully deposited a decent amount of BNB tokens, the next step involves withdrawing a portion of these tokens from opBNB to the BNB testnet.

Navigate to the Withdrawal section and proceed to specify the desired quantity of BNB tokens you wish to withdraw from the opBNB testnet and transfer to the BNB smart chain testnet.

opBNB bridge
Image via opBNB Bridge

5) Bridge using Orbiter Finance

To initiate the process, visit the website Orbiter.finance and establish a connection between your Metamask wallet and the platform.

In the transaction interface, choose “BSC (G)” as the source (from) section, and select “opBNB” as the destination (to) section. Following this, indicate the desired amount and proceed by accepting the confirmation to send BNB tokens to opBSC.

opBNB airdrop
Image via OrbiterFinance

6) Use zkBridge

To begin, visit the zkBridge website and establish a connection between your Metamask wallet and the platform. From there, select the BNB chain and proceed to request an NFT from the faucet.

It’s important to note that this process may require gas fees of approximately $0.3 in BNB. However, if you’re only interested in free tasks, you can skip this particular step.

Once you have successfully minted an NFT on the BNB Chain, confirm the “zkBridge NFT” option and import the NFT into the zkBridge. Afterward, click on “next” and select the receiver network as opBNB. Finally, approve the overall transaction and initiate the transfer of the NFT.

opBNB airdrop steps
Image via zkBridge

7) Claim Galxe points

In order to obtain Galxe points, visit galxe.com and complete the specified tasks to claim your rewards.

Begin by heading over to the website and establishing a connection between your Metamask wallet and the platform. Ensure that the network is set to the BNB chain for seamless interaction.

Task 1: It involves minting an opBNB NFT on zkBridge. If you have previously completed this task, simply verify its completion.

Task 2: Retweet Polyherda Network’s tweet on Twitter and provide verification of your retweet.

By successfully accomplishing these tasks, you will be eligible to claim your Galxe points.

Galxe coins for opBNB coins
Image via Galxe
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Final Thought

To enhance your chances of qualifying for an opBNB airdrop, it is advisable to diligently follow the aforementioned steps on a weekly basis.

While there has been no official announcement regarding the airdrop, it is important to note that airdrop initiatives have historically been both mysterious and rewarding within the community.

Given the fact that participation is completely free, it is always worth making an effort, as an opBNB airdrop could potentially yield a substantial monetary reward if it materializes.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on the author’s opinion and it should not be taken as financial advice.

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