How to boost Omega Network coin’s ($OMN) Mining rate?

These tips will help you get more OMN coins.
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As a prominent mobile-based application, the Omega Network has gained popularity as a crypto-mining platform that aims to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Participating in the Omega Network is as simple as opening the app and tapping a button once every 24 hours. By doing so, users actively contribute to the network’s operations and are rewarded with OMN coins for their involvement.

While crypto mining is typically a gradual process, certain measures can be taken to significantly boost the mining rate of OMN coins. This article will provide you with helpful tips and strategies to increase the $OMN coin mining rate.

Tips to boost your $OMN mining rate

To enhance the mining rate in the Omega Network and increase your potential earnings of OMN coins, implementing specific measures can be beneficial. Consider the following points to boost your mining rate within the Omega Network:

Verify Your Account

Omega Network KYC verification
KYC process in Omega Network | Image via Moneybinds

Completing the KYC verification is a crucial requirement for the mining process in the Omega Network. Once your verification is successful, you attain the status of a verified Omega Network user.

It is highly recommended that individuals who haven’t completed their KYC verification prioritize doing so promptly to boot $OMN mining rate and access to their OMN coins.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on the necessary steps to successfully complete the KYC verification process.

Refer more people to your Omega Network

Omega Network referral program
Omega Network Referral Program | Image via Moneybinds

To increase your mining rate in the Omega Network, it is beneficial to refer individuals to join your team. The Omega Network rewards you with a boosted mining rate when more people mine through your referral link.

By utilizing social media platforms to share information about the Omega Network along with your referral link, you can effectively reach out to a wider audience. Starting with your family members and expanding your network can significantly enhance your mining rate.

Remember, the more you mine OMN coins collectively as a team, the higher your mining rate will be.

Add Nodes for Boosters

Omega Network node
Add Nodes (Omega Network) | Image via Moneybinds

By utilizing the upgrade points feature in the Omega Network app, you have the opportunity to boost your OMN mining speed. Simply enable location services within the app to locate and explore marked places on the map. Upgrading your node at these designated locations can effectively accelerate your OMN mining rate, leading to increased mining speed and potential earnings.

Be on time to mine OMN coins

Mine Omega Network coin
Mine OMN coin (Omega Network) | Image via Moneybinds

The Omega Network is a promising cryptocurrency mining platform. You can actively mine OMN coins by simply tapping a button every 24-hour session. To mine the most OMN coins at your mining rate, you must tap the mine option every 24 hours. Any delay in pressing the mine button will result in a loss of opportunity to earn more coins.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to seize this opportunity and maximize your mining efforts to accumulate as many OMN coins as possible. Remember, once an opportunity is lost, it may not be easily regained. Hence, make the most of the Omega Network’s mining potential while it is available.

Stay Active and Engaged

Active participation and engagement within the Omega Network community are paramount, as consistency plays a vital role in the cryptocurrency mining process.

To optimize your mining experience, it is crucial to maintain an active presence on the Omega Network platform, actively participate in community events, and stay up to date with the latest updates and developments.

By remaining engaged and informed, you can make the most of your mining activities within the Omega Network community.

What is Omega Network?

The Omega Network serves as an innovative crypto-mining platform designed to provide an inclusive and user-friendly mining experience to individuals, eliminating the need for extensive computational resources and high energy consumption.

As the native token of the Omega Network, $OMN plays a crucial role in governing the entire network. Miners receive $OMN as a reward for their mining efforts, which can subsequently be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, facilitating liquidity and enabling users to participate in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.


When it comes to mining cryptocurrencies on various platforms, factors such as mining difficulty, electricity costs, hardware or software efficiency, and associated fees can significantly influence profitability.

However, the Omega Network stands out by offering a platform that emphasizes accessibility and energy efficiency, potentially impacting profitability positively.

It is worth noting that the Omega Network is still in its early phase, with major developments underway. Therefore, getting involved in the platform during this early stage presents an opportunity to maximize benefits and potentially capitalize on its future growth.

By being early adopters, users can position themselves advantageously to potentially reap substantial rewards as the platform progresses. The aforementioned tips can help you get more OMN coins with boosted mining rate on the crypto platform.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion.

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