How To Recover Pi Network Account? (Forgot Password Issue Solved)

A complete guide to recover Pi Network account.
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Updated On: October 27, 2023

Have you logged out of your Pi account or uninstalled the Pi Network app and now want to resume mining Pi coins where you left off but have forgotten your password?

If you are looking for a guide to recover your Pi Network account, you are at the right place. You can retrieve your Pi account easily through the “forgot password” or “Facebook login” option.

Having said that, many people are having trouble logging in, particularly when using the “forgot password” method and further verifying their mobile numbers via text message. If you are also having issues, this step-by-step guide will help you.

Steps to recover the Pi Network account

Video tutorial on “how to recover Pi account”.

The Pi Network app gives you three options to log in to your account: Facebook, phone number, or Apple account. The first two options are usually available to all users across the globe. Using either of these approaches, you can regain access to your account. The following sections provide a step-by-step explanation of both techniques:

Forgot password method using phone number

Follow the steps below to recover your lost Pi account using the “forgot password” method:

Step 1: If you have uninstalled the Pi Network app, reinstall it from the appropriate app store. Here are the direct links to get there:

Step 2: Once you have installed the app, launch it. You will see the aforementioned login options. Tap the “Continue with phone number” option.

Pi Network Login Option
Log in with your phone number in your Pi account (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 3: You will see an input box asking for your phone number. Enter the one that you used when creating the account.

Pi Network Phone Number Login
Enter your number carefully. (Image via Moneybinds)

Note: Many individuals have been reporting that when they enter a number and try to recover the account, they are taken to a sign-up screen asking to create a new account. This will happen if you enter a different number or use the incorrect country code when entering the number.

Step 4: After you enter your phone number, you will be asked to enter your password. Click on the “Password Forgotten?” option given at the bottom of the screen.

Pi Network forgot password
Pi Network “forgot password” option (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 5: A green “Recover Account” button will be visible. Hit the button.

Pi Network recover account
Pi Network recover account (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 6: Again, you will be asked to enter your phone number. Enter the number in the international format, as this will be used to verify your phone number via SMS. The international format is +[country_code] [your_number].

You will see a drop-down menu to choose your country.

Pi Network account recovery
Pi Network account recovery (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 7: Once you submit your number, a code will appear on the screen for text verification. You can spot two options there: open SMS and manual instructions. To avoid issues, it is recommended to go with the second option, manual instructions.

Pi Network account recovery manual instructions
The “Open SMS” option usually causes issues (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 8: Upon clicking the manual instructions, a screen will pop up showing the recipient’s phone number and a text message (usually a number).

All you have to do is send the given text message to that recipient number from the same number that you just entered earlier, i.e., the number with which you have registered in the Pi Network. You can send the message through your mobile’s default SMS-sending (text messaging) app.

Pi Network text message verification
Pi Network text message verification (Image via Moneybinds)

This step is the most crucial one, and usually, users face issues here. So, be cautious and remember that you must send the specified text message to the specified recipient number. Notably, keep the Pi Network app running in the background when sending the message.

You should also note that sending the message will cost you a few cents as a text message service charge, which is pretty obvious. So, make sure you have enough balance on your SIM card (associated with the registered number) to complete the SMS verification.

Step 9: After you have sent the message, come back to the manual instructions interface and subsequently click on the “I have sent the text” button.

Pi Network text message verification
Pi Network text message verification (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 10: Now you should see a success screen. If you see the same, this means you have successfully verified that you are the Pi account holder. Now, click on the “Set up password” button to reset the password for the account.

Pi Network reset password
Pi Network password reset (Image via Moneybinds)

Step 11: Enter your new password and subsequently hit the “submit” button.

You must follow these instructions to recover your Pi Network account using the “forgotten password” method.

The Facebook login method

The Facebook login method is quite simple; however, this will only work if you have previously linked your Facebook account with the Pi Network account. To link your accounts, either you must have had your Pi Network account created using Facebook or you must have linked the accounts after creating a Pi Network account using your phone number.

Link accounts with Pi Network
Link accounts with Pi Network (Image via Moneybinds)

If you are successful in recovering the account using the earlier method, you should now bind Facebook with the Pi Network so that it will be easier for you to quickly log in next time. You can do so in-app.

To log in using Facebook (FB), make sure your FB account associated with the Pi account is already logged in to the Facebook app. Now, open the Pi Network app and click the “Continue with Facebook” option. The Pi’s system will automatically detect your account and direct you to your Pi account dashboard.

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  1. Thank you very much sir , I have followed exactly a step by step and they said they have unlocked my pi account yet anytime I try to login it takes me back registration page for new comers …. Please my Facebook has issue of 2factor authentication , can you help me with it ?

  2. I am from India and don’t have a Facebook account. I am unable to recover my password since the drop down lists only a few countries. Any solution to this?

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