Sui Airdrop (2023): Steps to Get Free $SUI Tokens

SUI Network is likely to release an airdrop.
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The SUI network is a new tech innovation on the blockchain based on the Move programming language that builds a better user experience for developers and creators on the Web 3.0 platform.

The launch of the SUI network platform has been a hot topic in the crypto community, where an airdrop is also expected.

Though there is no official statement regarding the airdrop, it is always better to give it a try, as the token drop has always been a revelation.

This article will direct you to follow the relevant steps for receiving a potential airdrop in the near future by the SUI network.

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What is Sui?

SUI Network is a new layer 1 blockchain with a permissionless smart contract platform with high throughput, low latency, and a scalable blockchain, founded by Mysten Labs, a blockchain-based tech company operated by former Meta employees.

The technology aims to scale throughput horizontally with the addition of workers to each authority, building an ecosystem where there will be no limits for dApp developers.

The data on the blockchain is organized into independent objects, which the transaction executes in parallel, which supports almost zero transaction fees with higher performance without compromising security.

Is Sui launching its own token?

Sui’s native token is declared to be called $SUI, which is used for utility, governance, and rewards for the ecosystem. The total supply of $SUI is capped at 10 billion tokens.

A portion of the total supply is mentioned as being released at the mainnet launch of the network, and the remaining will be supplied over the coming years.

Up until now, the SUI network has been live only on the testnet. The officials have announced the launch of their mainnet on May 3, 2023.

When is the Sui airdrop expected to occur?

The leading layer-1 blockchain network Aptos, one of the biggest competitors of the SUI network, airdropped 20 million tokens to its early testnet users on its mainnet launch, which has led to an expectation amongst the community for the Sui network to take the same route as Aptos.

As the firm’s tokenomics has mentioned, 6% of the tokens will be distributed to community access programs and app testers.

If there were an airdrop, the Sui network may airdrop its token with its mainnet launch on May 3, 2023.

How can you qualify for the potential Sui Airdrop token?

The SUI airdrop is one of the subsequent airdrops in the crypto community, but the officials have not mentioned any specific date for an airdrop.

However, airdrops have always been a surprise and lucrative for the community. So, it is very important to interact with the platforms provided by the representatives to the maximum extent.

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Following are a few steps that one can follow to be in an adequate position to receive a potential airdrop:

1) Setup a Sui Network wallet

Firstly, add a Sui wallet extension to your existing browser. You can simply search for this extension on any search engine.

After installing the extension on the browser, hit the “Get Started” option. Subsequently, create a new wallet and a new password.

You will be asked to create a new password and save your recovery phrase. Please save your recovery phrase and tick “I saved my recovery phrase.”

After that, you will be able to access your SUI wallet.

SUI crypto airdrop
Setting up a Sui network wallet | Image via Cloudz/YouTube

2) Request testnet token

After you have completed the earlier step, you will be able to access the wallet’s dashboard. Now, tap on “Request Devnet SUI Tokens,” where you will receive some free SUI testnet tokens.

sui network airdrop
Requesting testnet tokens in SUI wallet | Image via Cloudz/YouTube

3) Stake & Earn SUI

On the same dashboard, you may click on the “Stake & Earn SUI” option and select any validators with a specific amount, following that, you will stake some SUI tokens in your wallet.

sui airdrop
Staking $SUI will reward you with extra tokens | Image via Cloudz/YouTube

4) Mint an NFT is one of the official apps built by Mysten Labs in order to showcase the NFT’s functionality through the SUI network.

The NFT can be customized according to the user’s choice, so you can play around with and mint a free Capy NFT through your Devnet tokens.

You can buy NFTs using SUI token | Image via Coin Engineer/YouTube

5) Join the SUI discord community

SUI has an official discord community, where members can request some testnet tokens.

First, join the official SUI discord, then go over to the #testnet-faucet channel and type “!faucet <your_sui_address>”, and return to your Sui wallet dashboard and head over to the Menu on the top right corner to change the Network to Testnet from Devnet.

You can get free testnet SUI tokens by completing the aforementioned steps. The major goal of all of these actions is to become an active member of the SUI network community, as doing so will boost the likelihood of receiving tokens in future airdrops.

Final thoughts

The dominant part of the SUI network is a layer-1 network based on the Move programming language, and it is preferred by most developers in the crypto space.

There are always new innovations in the crypto realm, as the platform is still emerging for betterment. The SUI network is one of the most advanced innovations in the Web 3 space.

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So, airdrops can be a sweet opportunity to be a part of emerging technology. Therefore, it is important for you to give it a try and see your luck.

If you still have questions in mind regarding SUI, you may visit the SUI network’s official website for more information.

Disclaimer: This article is based entirely on the personal opinion and research of the author. Readers should not take it as any financial advice.

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