How to Increase Pi Mining Rate? (5 Working Strategies)

These are some of the easiest and legit ways to increase Pi mining speed.
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Pi Network, a mobile-based cryptocurrency project, has gained significant popularity for its unique approach to crypto mining. By allowing users to mine Pi coins directly on their smartphones, Pi Network has made cryptocurrency mining more accessible than ever before.

In this article, we address the concerns about how to increase the Pi mining rate. With the growing interest in Pi Network and the desire to maximize potential rewards, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive set of strategies that will help you boost your Pi mining rate.

These strategies are designed to help you unlock the full potential of your participation in the network by mining maximum Pi coins.

5 working strategies to increase Pi mining rate

It’s essential to remain informed about the latest updates and guidelines offered by the Pi Network to ensure a seamless and fruitful mining experience.

Staying up-to-date will enable you to adapt to any changes or enhancements that can further improve your mining rate and overall success within the network.

By incorporating the following strategies into your mining routine within the Pi Network, you can optimize your mining rate and unlock greater potential rewards.

1) Actively participate in daily mining sessions

The Pi network has devised a mining mechanism that encourages all Pioneers to actively contribute to the network in various ways in order to earn Pi coins.

To ensure regular mining, it is recommended to log into the Pi Network app daily and initiate a new mining session. By consistently engaging in network activities, you have the opportunity to enhance your mining rate and potentially earn more Pi coins. The app’s notification system can be utilized to your advantage, reminding you to mine your Pi tokens every 24 hours.

Pi Network (Mining Session) | Image via Moneybinds

2) Complete your security circle

Within the Pi network, Security Circles are recognized as clusters of reliable individuals established by each Pioneer. To reinforce your network and broaden your referral team, it is advised to incorporate a minimum of five trusted individuals into your security circle through the Pi Network app.

This step plays a significant role in augmenting your mining rate and supporting the overall security of the network. Each member of your Security Circle grants you a 20% bonus (up to a maximum of 100%) on your base mining rate, as long as they maintain their active participation.

Pi network (Security Circle) | Image via Moneybinds

3) Encourage activity in your referral team

Inspire your referral team members to actively participate in the Pi Network by providing regular reminders and encouragement. By doing so, you have the opportunity to earn extra Pi tokens and potentially amplify your mining rate.

Leverage the power of social media platforms to extend your reach and attract a broader audience for your referrals. Starting with your family members and progressively expanding your network can have a substantial impact on increasing your mining rate.

When both the inviter and invitee are mining simultaneously, they share an equal split of the Referral Team bonus rewards. This bonus amounts to a 25% boost to their respective individual Pioneer base mining rates.

Pi Network (Referral) | Image via Moneybinds

4) Commit to the Lockup Rate

During the Mainnet phase, the lockup reward system is implemented to encourage a robust and seamless ecosystem, while also providing incentives for sustained involvement with the network. This arrangement is particularly crucial as the network is being established and various utilities are being developed.

Make the most of the Pi Network’s distinctive attribute, which allows users to lock up their mined Pi coins. By committing to a specified lockup period, you become eligible to receive rewards from the Pi Network, potentially earning a mining boost rate of up to 400%.

The duration of your lockup period directly influences the percentage of the reward, with longer lockup periods resulting in higher percentages and subsequently enhancing your mining rate.

Pi Network Lockup rate
Pi Network Lockup rate | Image via Moneybinds

However, it is essential to set the lockup period carefully because you will be unable to access the Pi coins once you commit to the lockup for the specified period.

You may read our comprehensive guide for the Pi Network to Mainnet transfer if you haven’t done so already.

5) Explore running a Node

Pi Network node
Image via

Nodes play a vital role in decentralizing the blockchain, and the Pi Network offers an opportunity for Pioneers to participate in node operations by utilizing their internet-connected computers.

To expand your involvement in the network, consider the option of setting up a node on your desktop or laptop, in addition to relying on your mobile phone. Running a node entails actively engaging in the decentralized infrastructure, where you contribute to verifying and validating transactions.

This active participation can potentially boost your mining rate and deepen your engagement with the Pi Network.

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What is Pi Network?

The Pi network is a decentralized crypto-mining platform launched in 2019 by a team of developers led by Stanford PhD, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis. The project aims to provide a platform that enables users to mine Pi coins on smartphones.

While traditional cryptocurrencies demand substantial computing power and consume significant amounts of energy for mining, Pi Network adopts a distinctive consensus algorithm known as the Steller Consensus Protocol, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and security.

This algorithm permits mining operations to be carried out on mobile devices, making it more accessible and environmentally friendly.


By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your mining journey and unlock the full potential of rewards within the Pi Network ecosystem.

Pi Network has established itself as a prominent player in the Web 3 arena, boasting a large and vibrant community. With its innovative crypto-mining platform, users have the opportunity to position themselves advantageously and potentially accumulate significant rewards as the platform continues to evolve.

If you desire a more comprehensive understanding, we recommend visiting the official Pi Network website. There, you will find essential information, including whitepapers and roadmaps, providing deeper insights into the project’s vision and future plans.

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