Is Kava Crypto a Good Investment? (2023)

Kava's strong suite is decentralized finance (DeFi).
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Kava is a layer-1 an ideal blockchain network for two chains models built on Cosmos SDK and Ethereum as its Co-chain.

It is a cross-chain DeFi platform that aims to provide decentralized financial services to its users. The native token of the Kava platform, KAVA, is primarily used for staking governance and as collateral for borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies.

Up until now, the platform supports a wide range of assets including crypto as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, etc.

Kava: Token overview

Current price$0.981
24-hr Volume$35,449,084
Market Cap$408,780,230
Fully diluted market cap$374,761,597
Circulating Supply416,748,916 KAVA
Current Stats of KAVA

What is Kava (KAVA)?

Kava was established in 2018 by Kava labs, a De-Fi firm co-founded by Ruaridh O’Donnell, Brian Kerr, and Scott Stuart for crypto assets that includes the interoperation of Cosmos network based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike centralized banks where the profit is held by the banks, the Kava’s decentralized banking system distributes their earnings back to their users.

Their open-source technology is an open decentralized network delivering financial services and users can access it from any time and anywhere. It is more like a peer-to-peer finance marketplace where you have good capital efficiencies.

KAVA Network explained

It is all about opening up access to liquidity for different crypto assets to users in a decentralized system by providing open access to loans in the form of a stablecoin USDX which is pledged to USD.

Kava helps to earn more digital assets for their users by providing extra capital and reward when one contributes to the platform. The firm launched its own token called by Kava token for the governance of the firm.

The Kava token is responsible for security governance and ownership of Kava. The firm is operated by users, developers, and financial institutions.

When the users operate in Kava’s ecosystem then they are rewarded with Kava tokens which give them a certain level of ownership and voice in the evolution of the firm.

The token holders can vote on changes to the platform by delegating their votes or submitting their own proposals for improvements and allowing for platform upgrades with new assets and changes in the system parameters.

Kava (KAVA): Price Analysis

History of KAVA’s price trend | Image via CoinMarketCap

Looking at the history of Kava, it was launched at the price of $0.965 on 26 October 2019, with the aim of building DeFi platform on the cosmos’ platform.

So far its all-time high has been $8.718, which was during the bull market run in 2021. After the recent crypto market crash, the token is hovering around its launched price.

Potential advantages of investing in Kava (KAVA)

Kava is more of a DeFi platform for crypto assets rather than a payment platform. It provides three major applications which include decentralized exchange, borrowing/lending cryptocurrencies, and minting mechanism for a stablecoin.

The platform offers all of the services that centralized banks offer to their customers, such as loans, credits, money, market products, and so on, and users can still interact with their cryptocurrencies in the Web 3.0 ecosystem using financial tools that traditional banks offer, but in a decentralized system.

They are more focused on exposure to holding different assets, giving opportunities to access traditional finance tools in the form of digital assets. The users can earn interest by putting the digital assets to work in the system.

The partnerships that they have established with firms like Curve, Sushi, and many others within the ecosystem are quite beneficial for investors and users as lots of opportunities will unlock in the ecosystem.

Risks associated with investing in Kava (KAVA)

The major risk associated with investing in Kava comes from the downside faced by decentralized finance in general.

As DeFi protocols are built on smart contracts for financial transactions where these smart contracts may have loopholes for security breaching and it generates a potential fear in the platform users.

The risk of interoperability is also a potential risk as DeFi protocols are relied on cross-chain interoperability to function, which generates a risk of failure of bridges resulting in the loss of the user’s assets.

Like any cryptocurrencies, there is always a fear of loosing money due to volatile nature of the industry. Values of digital assets can rise or fall rapidly based on market sentiment and factors such as news or event. Hence, this is an obvious risk associated with investing in Kava.

Final verdict: Is Kava crypto a good investment?

Kava is considered a robust layer-1 blockchain network with a massive developer ecosystem by combining the most popular developer frameworks within the crypto space, putting Kava in an advantageous position over other layer-1 platforms.

Kava has the potential to revolutionize the finance industry by removing middlemen with unnecessary fees and giving users the ability to earn more with their digital assets.

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The firm is trying to re-engineer and rebuild it by fixing issues faced by other layer-1 blockchain networks in the crypto space by summing up altogether to build an ideal and powerful network with two chains within one single ecosystem.

If you believe DeFi is the new financial paradigm then Kava can be a good investment for you. This is because investing in any asset requires faith and vision to forecast the position of the asset based on the objectives and working mechanism of the company backing the asset.

Thankfully, due to the recent market crash, the hype money has faded away and the crypto token price is corrected for its true value which makes it easier for investors to analyze its true potential for the future.

Where can I buy Kava (KAVA)?

The Kava token is the native token for the Kava platform that is basically used within the Kava ecosystem. There are few exchanges where you can buy, sell, and trade the the said digital currency. A couple of them are as listed below:

Additional resources and references

To learn more about Kava and its roadmap, you may go through their whitepaper and visit their website,

Disclaimer: This article solely reflects author’s own research and expertise. Readers should not consider this as investment advice in any way. They must conduct extensive research and consult with experts in this field before making any investment decisions.

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