Is Axie Infinity Worth It? (Unveiling Potential of AXS Tokens)

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a promising project.
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The future of gaming lies in the Web 3 space, where “play-to-earn” models are gaining traction. Creating a sustainable play-to-earn ecosystem presents its challenges, but Axie Infinity stands as the trendsetter, successfully pulling it off with over 2 million monthly users.

Axie Infinity, founded in early 2018 by Sky Mavis, is a blockchain-based decentralized application (dApp) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform offers an exciting combination of gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) elements.

During the pandemic in 2020, Axie Infinity witnessed a surge in popularity, becoming a game that allowed users to earn money directly from their phones. It provides a unique gaming experience where users own digital pets called “axies”, used for battles, breeding, and trading to earn cryptocurrency rewards.

While many users successfully capitalized on this opportunity, some also faced huge losses. To help you make an informed decision, we have delved into the potential of Axie Infinity, aiming to unveil whether engaging with this platform is worthwhile.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity is a mobile game built on the Ethereum blockchain which primarily uses Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) token for in-game transactions and governs the ecosystem.

The game is like a digital playground where users can gather adorable creatures known as Axies. In this world, players are in control, owning their digital assets entirely. Just like collecting trading cards or precious toys, players can buy, sell, and trade their Axies.

It’s like a modern version of Pokemon, but the exciting part is that all the data is stored on a special blockchain network, making it secure and transparent. Players get to experience thrilling battles, pitting their Axies against each other, just like in the Pokemon games.

The gameplay involves complex strategies and tactics, allowing players to compete for top rankings and valuable rewards. Some adventures even lead players on quests, defeating bosses, and uncovering captivating storylines.

A good player can earn AXS tokens in-game that he can then exchange on crypto exchanges for other digital assets or fiat currency.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Overview

đź’± CryptocurrencyAxie Infinity
đź’µ Symbol (Ticker)AXS
đź’˛ Price (USD) $9.73
đź’° FD Market Cap $2,627,799,065.86
đź’¸ Total/max Supply270,000,000 AXS
🚀 All-time high$165.37 (November 06, 2021)
📉 All-time low$0.1234 (November 06, 2020)
Axie Infinity’s (AXS) current statistics

The ecosystem of Axie Infinity lies in its native token called AXS. As a cryptocurrency exclusive to the Axie Infinity ecosystem, AXS holds immense value for players and investors.

Individuals can trade AXS on several well-known crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global, Coinbase, Bithumb, KuCoin,, and Kraken. Its presence on these platforms makes it accessible to a broader audience, contributing to its popularity and liquidity.

Understanding Axie Infinity and AXS Tokens

Axie Infinity is an innovative blockchain gaming platform, specially designed as a digital pet universe. Within this captivating realm, users encounter various game modes that mutually contribute to the platform’s overall ecosystem.

It is compared to a delightful fusion of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. Axie Infinity offers a major distinction where the players have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while actively engaging with the game.

Moreover, each in-game item holds the unique characteristic of being an NFT, granting it individual ownership, and can be seamlessly traded on the Axie Infinity marketplace.

The primary objective is to reward players for engaging with Axie Infinity while also motivating them to hold onto their tokens for additional rewards.


The tokenomics of the platform are intriguing. The project raised approximately 10 million from various ICOs and in-game asset sales between 2018 and 2020. Moreover, Sky Mavis secured a substantial 160 million dollars from various VC firms since 2019.

Axie Infinity tokens usecases
AXS token Usecase | Image via Axie Infinity

As the heart of the ecosystem is the ERC-20 token, AXS serves as the governance token. Holding AXS grants users the ability to claim rewards by staking their tokens, participating in the game, and voting on key governance matters. Players can also earn AXS through competitions within the Axie Infinity Universe and user-generated content initiatives.

The versatile AXS token allows holders to actively participate in governance, staking, and earning rewards throughout the ecosystem. Like other cryptocurrencies, AXS can be freely bought, sold, and traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, with its value to the market demand and supply dynamics.

Key Factors Affecting AXS Token Value

The value of AXS tokens is influenced by a diverse range of factors, encompassing fundamental, market, and external elements. Some of the key factors shaping the value of AXS tokens are:

Is Axie Infinity Worth It?
Image via CoinMarketCap

User Adoption and Market Demand: The popularity and adoption of the Axie Infinity platform have a direct correlation with the value of AXS tokens. As more users participate and engage in the blockchain gaming realm, the demand for AXS tokens rises due to their utility within the ecosystem.

Utility and Use Cases: The importance of AXS tokens within the Axie Infinity ecosystem significantly impacts their value. If AXS tokens play an essential role in vital in-game activities, governance processes, or access to exclusive rewards, it cultivates heightened demand and value for the tokens.

Tokenomics and Supply: The overall tokenomics, including the total supply, circulating supply, and token issuance mechanisms of AXS, have a significant bearing on its value. Token scarcity and controlled issuance mechanisms can potentially drive up demand and consequently increase prices.

Gaming and Blockchain Industry Trends: As the blockchain-based gaming space in the Web 3 realm progresses and gains adoption, it positively influences the performance of AXS tokens. Being among the pioneering companies to captivate blockchain-based gaming, Axie Infinity’s value benefits from the industry’s upward trajectory.

The interplay of these factors considerably affects the performance of AXS tokens, particularly considering Axie Infinity’s position as a pioneer in the blockchain gaming landscape. As the platform continues to capture the imagination of users and the broader blockchain community, the value and potential of AXS tokens remain dynamic and subject to market dynamics.

Risks and Challenges with Axie Infinity

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is still in its early stages, characterized by high volatility, which poses various challenges for Web 3 firms. Axie Infinity, being a part of this dynamic space, encounters its share of risks and challenges, including:

Regulatory Uncertainty: The evolving nature of the blockchain gaming industry and cryptocurrency markets means that regulations and government policies can change, potentially impacting the operation and adoption of Axie Infinity and its ecosystem.

Scalability and Network Congestion: As the popularity of Axie Infinity continues to surge, the underlying Ethereum blockchain may face scalability issues and high transaction fees. Network congestion could lead to slower and more expensive transactions, affecting the overall user experience.

Market Volatility: The digital in-game assets, including Axies and other tokens, are highly susceptible to market sentiment and external factors, leading to significant price fluctuations. Such volatility can impact user confidence and participation, posing challenges to the growth of Axie Infinity.

While considering these risks and challenges, Axie Infinity and other Web 3 firms must frequently adapt and innovate to ensure sustainable growth and a rewarding user experience within the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Conclusion: Is Axie Infinity Worth it?

After thoroughly exploring Axie Infinity’s key features, factors affecting its landscape, scope, risks, and challenges, the question remains: Is it still worthwhile to engage with the platform? — Let’s conclude this article with a brief answer.

Axie Infinity has demonstrated remarkable longevity in the crypto space, setting itself apart as one of the few games that have sustained success over time. The platform is known for its well-judged financial management and continuous minor updates that keep users engaged, contributing to a robust and powerful ecosystem.

While Axie Infinity was an early prominent player in the blockchain-based gaming space, it faced challenges that impacted its position. During that period, several other blockchain-based games emerged with improved features and opportunities. Nevertheless, Axie Infinity boasts a substantial community and reach, owing to its status as a pioneer in introducing gaming to the Web 3 space.

Currently, Axie Infinity is gradually regaining traction in the crypto market through the introduction of new features and opportunities. However, it operates in a bear market, which can cause challenges for all crypto platforms.

The core sustainability of Axie Infinity depends on attracting new players to the platform through the purchase of “Axies”. Each new player acquiring Axies drives up the prices of existing ones, incentivizing current players to breed new Axies. This, in turn, increases the demand for SLP and AXS tokens used within the game, consequently driving up the value of both cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately, the performance of Axie Infinity is closely tied to the overall market conditions and the adoption of blockchain gaming on a massive scale. It is crucial to note that Axie Infinity has also risks like overvaluation and hyperinflation. Thus, making investment decisions backed by thorough analysis and research is essential.

In conclusion, Axie Infinity may be worth holding/investing in as the gaming industry continues to grow in the Web3 era. That said, while Axie Infinity presents exciting opportunities, potential investors and participants should carefully consider market dynamics, current trends, and potential risks to determine if engaging with the platform aligns with their individual goals and risk tolerance.

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Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the author’s personal views. Readers should not take it as financial advice. As the crypto market is highly volatile, they should conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

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