Amazing Records: The Hottest Polygon NFTs on Magic Eden

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With the growing popularity of digital assets, discussions about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as potential investments continue to capture the community’s attention.

Through this growing interest, the Polygon ecosystem has emerged as the go-to destination for NFT collectors, boasting a reputation for providing a seamless, cost-effective, and highly secure NFT trading experience, thus making it the favored choice for NFT enthusiasts.

Magic Eden↗, a well-known NFT marketplace operating across multiple blockchains, facilitates NFT sales for its users. Among the different blockchain platforms on which the NFT marketplace operates, it has gained relatively higher growth in the Polygon ecosystem. 

In this article, we spotlight the top-performing NFT collections specifically within the Polygon blockchain on the Magic Eden platform over the last 7 days.

5 Top-Performing Polygon NFT Collections on Magic Eden

1) The Sandbox

The Sandbox on Magic Eden
Screenshot via Magic Eden / The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based metaverse game that allows users to buy virtual land and personalize it with interactive games and immersive experiences. Creators can use this platform to harness the potential of digital assets and game experiences and monetize them through the blockchain.

This collection showcases the entire Sandbox metaverse, with a map made up of 166,464 NFT land units. Owners of these NFTs can host competitions and events, stake SAND for earnings and asset customization, profit from both assets and experiences, participate in metaverse governance decisions, and much more.

2) Trump Digital Trading Cards

Trump Digital Trading Cards NFT on Magic Eden
Screenshot via Magic Eden / Trump Digital Trading Cards

It is the first collection in which fans can own their own authentic Trump digital trading cards, creating a one-of-a-kind collection of NFTs. These Trump Digital Trading Cards include stunning hand-drawn artwork inspired by former US President Trump’s exceptional life and career. Owners can sell or trade their Trump Digital Trading Cards on a variety of NFT platforms.

This limited edition collection includes unique Trump trading cards, one-of-ones, and precious gold and silver autographed cards. There are some famous depictions of Donald Trump, such as Cowboy Trump, Astronaut Trump, Business Trump, and many more, in the collection.

3) Ghostaro

Ghostaro on Magic Eden
Screenshot via Magic Eden / Ghostaro

Ghostaro is an outstanding NFT collection that centers around a Ghost theme, interestingly led by an anonymous creator who maintains a hidden identity on the internet.

Despite having no social media presence, Ghostaro continually flourishes in the NFT industry. This unique collection contains a diversity of interesting ghostly characters presented through captivating digital art.


ZED RUN on Magic Eden
Screenshot via Magic Eden / ZED RUN

ZED RUN is a blockchain-based horse racing simulator that provides users with the unique possibility to acquire horses in the form of NFTs. The basic gameplay consists of competing in virtual races with these digital horses to earn significant crypto-based points.

The ZED RUN NFT collection includes a wide range of horses with various bloodlines, individual features, and genotypes. These range from the common Buterim to the legendary and far more expensive Nakamoto, showing a range of rarity and value within the collection.

5) on Magic Eden
Screenshot via Magic Eden /, a well-known NFT marketplace and tokenization service, empowers individuals to effortlessly acquire and exchange physical collectibles using blockchain technology.

This innovative platform securely stores a diverse array of physical collectibles, primarily graded trading cards, within protected vaults. It then transforms these assets into 3D representations before minting them on the blockchain.

The collection includes a wide range of collectible cards, including Pokémon, baseball, basketball, boxing, hockey, wrestling, and many more.

What are Polygon NFTs?

NFTs issued on the Polygon blockchain are appropriately known as Polygon NFTs. Polygon is a well-known layer-2 scaling solution that provides an ecosystem that outperforms Ethereum in scalability, speed, and overall efficiency.

These NFTs serve as digital representations of a wide range of data, ranging from photographs and videos to virtual world appearance and even real-world material evidence of ownership.

Final Thoughts

The surge in digital assets, particularly NFTs, has captured the attention of investors, leading to a growing fascination with these remarkable tokens.

The growing popularity of NFTs can be attributed to their multidimensional usage, which goes beyond traditional digital art to provide a unique and engaging purchase experience, highlighting their significance in the growing landscape of digital investments.

Disclaimer: This article is entirely based on the author’s opinion and does not provide any financial advice.

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