Will Wall Street Memes Coin ($WSM) Become No.1 Meme Coin?

Wall Street Memes coin seems to be the next big thing in the Meme coins space.
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The Wallstmemes is a multi-platform meme community with a considerable following, steadily growing since its inception in 2019. Through its contributions, the community cultivates an environment that is both engaging and informative within the crypto & finance realm.

In a recent development, the Wall Street memes community ventured into the meme coin space and initiated a pre-sale for their dedicated token, $WSM, within the crypto sphere.

The performance of the $WSM pre-sale has piqued the curiosity and conversation of the crypto world, as it generated a considerable number of sales in a relatively short period of time.

This article aims to provide insights into whether the $WSM coin possesses the potential to secure the top position among meme coins in the crypto market.

What is Wall Street Memes?

The Wall Street meme community, primarily based on Twitter, is a meme community that revolves around the sharing and creation of viral content and memes associated with finance, investing, and Wall Street.

These memes and viral content gain substantial traction and widespread attention across various social media platforms, capturing the interest of users and sparking conversations within the online community.

While the primary objective of Wall Street memes is to entertain the financial community through humorous content, they also serve as a means of imparting financial knowledge to individuals.

Does Wall Street Memes have their token?

The Wallstmemes team has successfully introduced their own token, $WSM, and has recently commenced the pre-sale phase exclusively for their community. Regarded as the top meme coin within the crypto community, the $WSM token has generated significant interest and participation.

Presently, during the pre-sale phase, each token is priced at $0.0283, and the initiative has already garnered impressive funding of nearly 6 million dollars. To facilitate accessibility, users have multiple options to participate in the pre-sale, including Ethereum, USDT, and credit cards.

Additionally, they have extended the opportunity for newcomers in the crypto space to engage in the pre-sale by accepting BNB as well.

$WSM Tokenomics

When examining the tokenomics of the $WSM coin, a significant portion of the token allocation is dedicated to driving the community’s expansion through effective marketing strategies.

Impressively, 50% of the tokens are allocated to marketing campaigns, aiming to promote awareness and growth. Additionally, 30% is set aside for community rewards, incentivizing active participation and engagement within the community. Another 10% is allocated to centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity, facilitating trading on established platforms, while the remaining 10% supports decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity, ensuring accessibility and liquidity on decentralized platforms.

Wall Street Memes Coin ($WSM) tokenomics
$WMS tokenomics | Image Via Wallstmemes.com

Will Wall Street Memes coin become the No.1 meme coin?

After being a non-crypto platform for an extended period, Wall Street Memes has made a notable transition into the crypto community and is now embarking on a crypto project. Their involvement and interaction within the community have been exceptionally robust.


Unraveling the Secrets of Pepe Coin’s Enduring Popularity

Meme coins have always held a significant influence in the crypto community, and the Wall Street memes community stands out as a prime example. The strength of a meme coin-based project lies in its community, and when we examine the Wall Street memes community, we find that they have a substantial presence across multiple platforms, with an extensive and dedicated following.

Their figures are extremely amazing within the community, with a community of over 1 million members and impressions reaching 40 million, accompanied by interesting content. It’s noteworthy that even well-known people like Elon Musk have been seen responding to their memes.

Wall Street Memes
Community engagements | Image Via Wallstmemes.com

Given the popularity and involvement of Wall Street memes in the community, the $WSM currency has a strong chance of surpassing the current leaders Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe to claim a major position in the world of meme coins, maybe the top spot.


The meme coin space has emerged as a crypto sector that has witnessed the creation of numerous millionaires within the realm of cryptocurrencies. This sector relies heavily on community engagement, as significant movements can occur when a large group of people unites, as exemplified by the success of cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and more recently, Pepe.

It’s crucial to recognize that meme coins are highly speculative and prone to volatility. Their value is often influenced by factors such as hype, social media trends, and community sentiment rather than fundamental analysis. Consequently, investing in meme coins carries substantial risks.

These memes not only provide a lighthearted and enjoyable experience but also offer insights and information on various financial aspects. By combining entertainment and education, Wall Street memes contribute to cultivating an engaging and informative environment within the financial community.

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Disclaimer: This article is entirely based on the writer’s personal opinion and it does not aim to provide financial advice of any kind.

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