Pi Network: An Upcoming Program “Picubator” for Developers Leaked

Pi Network's new four-month program has been leaked!
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A recent tweet by @Web3JustinLi, an active Pi Network enthusiast on X (Twitter), reveals Pi Network’s new scheme called “The Picubator” that will support app developments based on the Pi Network’s technologies and hence strengthen the entire network’s ecosystem. This program may also provide monetary support to the developers to continue their work.

This Picubator program has not been officially announced; rather, it is a leak. However, the revelations in the tweet appear to be accurate.

According to the tweet, the X (Twitter) user got an email describing the details of this new program.

What’s the full story of “The Picubator” program?

Pi Network
Pi Network | Image via Moneybinds

As shared by the Twitter user, the Pi Network team had been preparing to launch a new initiative that would support community developers to improve their apps in all facets like their designs, working, features, etc. For this, they would give the app teams feedback, mentoring sessions, milestone-based rewards, and even monetary funds.

For obvious reasons, the App Development teams must go through an application process to be accepted in the Picubator program.

It was further revealed that The Picubator will run for 12 weeks, throughout which, a bulk of dApps will be accelerated in many quality terms and will be made ready to be placed in the Mainnet ecosystem for public use.

Interestingly, as part of the program, teams will receive $1,500 USD every four weeks to spend on approved expenses such as infrastructure costs, third-party developers, and other development-related fees.

If this leak comes to be true, the Picubator program will be highly beneficial for talented developers and also boost the overall environment of the Pi Network’s developers’ community. Ideas will be promoted by the Pi Core Team that will ultimately benefit in strengthening the Pi Network ecosystem.

The value of the Pi Coin will also be increased with the launch of useful dApps and utilities powered by it.

Chances for the leaks to be true

The X (Twitter) user, @Web3JustinLi, appears to be an inside person within the Pi Network’s core community. Moreover, the same tweet was also reposted by a well-known X (Twitter) handle, @PiNewsMedia.

As a result, there is a good possibility that the leak is correct. However, there has been no official announcement by the Pi Core team, so do not believe anything floating on social media unless it is published by authoritative users.

Source: @Web3JustinLi

Disclaimer: This story is entirely based on leaks and rumors around social platforms. No official announcements have been made by Pi Network regarding the Picubator program.

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